Radicalization and Terrorism. Can we stop the process?

            First the excusr that Jihadist Terrorism being a response to American foreign policy must be scrapped. Or the percieved difficulty faced by Muslim youths trying to intergrate into American society. Most Muslims are not terrorists and in fact most abhore the actions of the zealots who pervert their religion. The only way to defear radical Jihadists is not by beating the violence, but the underlying ideology of hate.

As of 2012 according to Wikipedia, the American government, CIA, FBI, DEA, the police and the military have prevented 29 terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11. In that time there has been one successful terrorist attack on U.S. soil. The Boston Marathon Bombing, which was committed by 2 Chechens, one who was interviewed by the FBI. If Russia g ad shared the information they had, that one would have been prevented as well.

We are never going to prevent Radicals from hating America, regardless of changes in our foreign policy. George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan indirectly or dirictly complied with terrorist by removing U.S. soldiers from a specific area, it did nothing to change the Radical attempts to harm our country or our citizens in foreign countries. Radicals twist religious teachings to fit their hate, their mental instability and the fact that their situation was caused by Radicals before them. They prey upon weak people, lost souls and those looking for a group identity. These people are so immersed in their leaders teachings, they cannot see the forest for the trees. They do not realize that they are pawns in a sick game of revenge on a society not the individual “evil doer”. They also don’t realize their leader does not put themselves in harms way unless it comes to them, despite their claims that dying whole killing the infidels is glorious and guarantees a spot in heaven. They manipulate the weak minded, they are predators.

We can stopp planned attacks, which has been proven. The Intellegence Services pick up “chatter” and then figure out how to handle it. They usually find out if the “chatter” is true, narrow down the conspirators and then strike. We need to stop assisting countries that support or allow terrorist to hide in their lands, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran- which is subsidized by wealthy Americans like Mitt Romney and their controlling interests in the oil fields. Drone strikes make a lot of sense in these cases, cross border attacks on terrorist hideouts and training camps. We have made a lot of progress, but as a Free Society we will always be open to attacks. If we became a police state, the terrorists woukd have won and we still wouldn’t be safe.

Our leaders, intellegence services, police and other organizations have done an admirable job stopping attacks. Lone wolf attacks like the Boston Marathon Bombing or the attack on the British soldier will continue to be a thorn in our side. It shows how terrorists are adapting to our methods, finding alternate means of communication. If we cannot pick up any information about an attack, it cannot be prevented. We will never stop radicalization, we can change how we are percieved worldwide, it doesnt matter what we do. It us not our policies they disagree with, it is our freedoms and it is their theory that all people should live by Sharia Law. As we deal with more of this maybe we can develope nethods to stop radicalization.
In closing, Republucans; Democrats, President Obama or Joe the Plumber are not the cause, we are the victim. You cannot stop insanity, you hospitalize and medicate it. For radicalization to stop, it must be felliw Muslims that stop it. They need to preach what their religion is really about and erase the perversion done by zealots. All we can do is stop what we can and react well when it happens. We cannot kick people out of the country or hate all because of the actions of a few. We are America, we are better than that.

Radicalism and Terror, How?

             I know the why of Radicalization covered part of the how, but I want to find out how one goes about becoming radicalized. The recruitment part seems to b e the finalization of the radicalization process. The person then becomes indoctrinated and is a part of something “bigger”. The unemployed, minorities, minority religions and other people seen as being vulnerable are the main targets of the radical element.

Communication may include preaching, email posts, one on one calls and many other methods. While they do not radicalize alone, they lay the foundation, the first step in communicating urgency and outrage. As time goes on the message intensifies moving the subject towards action. The recruiter feeds the subject hate and enhances their need to belong, dragging the subject along, entrenching the beliefs into their way of thinking. Without absolute belief, radicalization cannot be completed. Free thought needs to be removed.

A very critical part of Radicalization is making the message part of everyday life. It is not just thought of in the group, but alone as well. It must become a part of the subject’s unconscious thought process. For radicalization to work best, the convertion should be contained. All contrary messages must be kept at bay, isolating the subject to insulate them from external discussion. When this isn’t possible, Groupthink and other social means of ensuring conformance may also be used to keep the subject on track.

The leader will then require action of some kind from the subject. The action can be a protest, to small acts of criminality, as the subject works his way up to a larger terrorist attack. The limited success can escalate the acts of aggression. Many leaders build committment from the subject with requests. Starting of with small tasks and as the subject show his worthiness, the tasks become more important.

Fulfilling your duty is often linked to a promise of glory, from the admiration of peers to a guaranteed place in heaven. People who have taken action and succeeded are regarded as heroes. Their actions are glorified, which causes others in the group to strive for this success. All they need to do is something that the group truly believes in. This works best with people who are searching for meaning in life. They believe they are making a difference and therefore it creates self worth.

This sounds like something a scientist thinks of, not a group of terrorists hiding in camps across the globe. But this some of the how of radicalization. It takes a sickness and turns it into a plague. It takes lost and weak individuals and turns them into living missles. Because of the dehumanization of the enemy, it becomes easier to kill them. The preperation for the attack forces the subject to act, to back out would let down their “mentor” and group.

Republicans, Democrats, the Military, CIA, FBI, DEA or any other group cannot contend with this. The blind passion and hate of a radicalized group consistently finds ways around the people trying to stop them. For every attack that is stopped, their are 2 more ready to be launched. The only protection from these attacks are vigilance, by government agencies, the police and the people.

President Obama and the changes in our War on Terror.

              In 1996 a man who was not a religious official of any and had no authority to do it, declared a Fatwa or Holy War. That man’s name was Osama bin Laden. He issued a self styled Fatwa, a declaration of war against the U.S. It was declared because of Americans ocuppying the Land of the Two Holy Places, Saudi Arabia. The 2 Holy Places were Mecca and Medina.

2 years later bin Laden declared another Holy War on America. This time it was much clearer. This w one said that everyone should try to kill Americans and their allies, civiliand and military. It is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in every country in which it is possible to do it. To justify it he said that first for over 7 years the U.S. has been occupying the lands of Islam in the holiest of places, the Arabian Peninsula. Since the first Iraq War the U.S. had been maintaining bases in Saudi Arabia.

Then 3 years later 9/11 happened. We pulled our bases out of Saudi Arabia, very quietly, about a month after declaring war on Iraq. Osama bin Laden’s big demand was that we pulled U.S bases out of Saudi Arabia and George W. Bush complied. While complying with a terrorist, he declared an unnecessary war on Iraq.

In the 1980s in Beirut a suicude bomber drove a truck into a Marine Barracks. 6 months earlier there was a suicide car bomb on the U.S. embassy in Beirut. 63 people killd at the embassy including 17 Americans. An almost staggering amount of 299 dead at the barracks bombing. 220 Marines, 18 Sailors, 3 Army, and almost 60 French soldiers. They were there as a peace keeping force. The message was to get out you infefils, leave our country. President Reagan pulled out the peace keepers.

Neither President will go down in history as capitulating to terrorism. Terrorism is incoherent. Osama bin Laden was not assuage by us removing bases from Saudi Arabia. It did not stop him from wanting to kill Americans. It does not matter what we do, it will not stop terrorism. There will always be someone who wants to harm us. It has always been here and will not go away. We try to stop it with the Military, CIA, FBI, other intelligence services.

Republicans attack President Obama because he wants to move away from the broad war on terrorism. Democrats never fully agreed with the Bush/Cheney way of war. I agree with President Obama that this war on terror either ends or it will define our country. He wants to refine and repeal the authorization for military force signed after 9/11 and will not continue you it. That was among many other big changes. Republicans should not politicize this and should turn their focus to the economy. President Obama is the right man for the job at a very difficult time.

Republicans deliberately misquote Benghazi emails to manufacture a smoking gun.

                     Last weeks leaks that misquoted the Benghazi emails came directly from Republicans. Republicans had seen copies if these emails 2 months ago and did nothing with them. Obvious to most was that the emails showed interagency haggling. Someone in the Republican party, really trying to cash in on the Benghazi tragedy, got the bright idea of leaking 2 isolated tidbits and mischaracterizing them in an effort to make the State Department, more importantly Hillary Clinton, look bad.

               But Republicans went a little to far, causing the White House, much to Republicans surprise , to release the entire email chain. It made it abundantly clear that the press had been duped and now reporters are letting the world know who was behind it. The Republican party has never been good at determining when enough was enough. When it became obvious that Benghazi wasn’t the Watergate they wanted, they desperately tried to invent something.

                On the IRS scandal, their problem is that Democrats are just as angry and are looking for answers. This has forced Republicans to dig deeper and look for more accusations in order to draw a contrast between them and Democrats. On the AP phone records, they have to dance around the fact that they not only approve of such subpoenas but voted down a bill to prevent them. The sane part of the Republican party, or the not so insane part, cannot seem to reel in the extremist parts of the party. Just listen to resident nut job Michele Bachman suggesting that its time to start impeachment precedings.

              CNN originally introduced the contradiction betweened what was revealed in the White House Benghazi email version versus what was reported in media outlets. Mother Jones noted that the Republican interim report included the correct version of the emails, signalling that more malice and less incompetence may have been at play with the alleged alterations. Simply put, Republicans did this on purpose, not by mistake.

          GOP version of Rhodes comment “We must make sure that the talking points reflect all agency equities, including those of the State Department and we don’t want to undermine the FBI investigation.”
           The actual White House email “We need to resolve this in a way that respects all the relevant equities, particularly the investigation.” Quite a bit different.
            The GOP version “The penultimate point is a paragraph talking about the previous warnings provided by the agency (CIA) about Al Qeada’s presence and activities of Al Qaeda. ”
             The actual White House email “The penultimate point could very abuses by members to beat the State Department for not paying attention to Agency (CIA) warnings.” Another one quite different, apparently the original emails didn’t serve the Republican purpose.

              My concern is that the media us not reporting this. Chuck Todd took about 10 minutes yesterday to run President Obama over the coals, yet did not mention this once. My fear is that Republicans will stop at nothing to harm Democrats, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton no matter the cost. Republicans need to face the fact, the majority if people aren’t biting your brand of crazy. Despite shining it up, putting new names on it and having different people delivering, your message is the same bucket of hate. You have been left behind, instead of attacking our voting rights and gerrymandering, work with the people and make the 2 party system relevant again.

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Associated Press being investigated

            The Department of Justice contacts the Associated Press that the Justice Department was spying on their reporters. A widespread open ended way that the AP didn’t know about until Justice Department informed them.

               The Justice Department secretly obtained 2 months of phone records for 28 phone lines. It includes main office numbers in New York, D.C. and Hartford, Connecticut. As well ad the main number for AP reporters at Press Gallery which covers the House of Representatives and work and personal numbers belonging to 5 reporters and 1 editor. There is no indications that the Justice Department has the recorded content of the calls. But they do now have incoming call number, outgoing call numbers and duration of calls.

          In response to receiving the information from the Justice Department, the AP sent an angry letter to Attorney General Eric Holder. There can be no possible justification for such an overbroad collection of the telwphone communications of the Associated Press and its reporters. Those records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the newsgathering activities undertaken by the AP during a 2 month period, provide a roadmap to the AP’s newsgathering operations, and disclose information about AP’s activities and operations that the government has no concievable right to know. We demand that you return to the AP the telephone records that the Department subpoenaed and destroy all copies. We also ask for immediate explanation as to why this extraordinary action was taken, and a description of the steps the Justice Department will take to mitigate its impact on the AP and its reporters.

            The Justice Department did not give any details as to why they started the investigation. All 6 whose records were siezed were involved in an AP story last year that reported about the CIA infiltrated an Al Qaida  plot to blow up an airliner. It was a big deal because it was right in the heart of Al Qaida in Yemen.

             10 days before this was foiled the Obama administration said that they did not have any idea of any terrorist attacks. The White House denies any knowledge of the investigation. It us legal because of a Media Shield that Republicans blocked. It us unparalleled and very unorthodox,  but it is legal. It is not unprecedented for the Justice Department to get reporters information. There are regulations  for these things that try to craft the subpoena as narrow as possible. If Republicans workers with Democrats this issue would not be at hand.


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Let us not forget the man George W. Bush is.

                George W. Bush inauspiciously started a war in Iraq based on a series of lies. He lied to Democrats, Republicans and most importantly the American people. He has never been punisher for his lies and he is convinced he left a good legacy. In my opinion the man is a disgrace and tarnished the American way of life. Lets go through a small lust of his lies.

1) LIE- Our intelligence officials estimate that Dardane Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and V/X nerve agents. TRUTH- Zero chemical weapons have been found. Not a drop of chemical weapons were found in a about a decade.
2) LIE- Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications and statements by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of Al Qaida. TRUTH- To date, nit a shred of evidence connecting Hussein withAl Qiada or any other known terrorist organization has Bennett revealed.
3) LIE-The British government has learned that Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa. TRUE-The documents at the time were known by Bush to be forged and not credible.
4) LIE-Tge smoking gun could be a mushroom cloud. TRUE- We never found anything in Iraq to link them with a nuclear weapon.
5) LIE- Dardane Hussein has drones that can be used to attack Americans. TRUE- Iraq did not have anything that could have accomplished what Bush said it would.
6) LIE- Iraq had yellow cake uranium. TRUE- The Italian press even thought the documents were fake. Need I say more.
7) LIE- No one could have imagined them hijacking airplains. TRUE- This deceit was completely exposed in 2002 when details of the Presidents Daily Intelligence Briefing in August 2001 revealed that the CIA and other sources warned the administration of just such hijackings.
8) LIE- The terrorist threat to America and the world will be diminished the moment that Dardane Hussein is disarmed. TRUE- No one,  even in the American military intelligence complex, seriously believes this. U.S. counterterrorism officials have repeatedly said that a U.S. conquest of Iraq, by killing thousands of Arabs and Muslims would inflame public opinion in the Arab world and beyond, will spark more terrorism, not less.

          These are just a tip of the iceburg of the ours that killed thousands of American soldiers and untold thousands of Iraqi civilians. Of course Americans believed him, get wad our President. The American people come together in times of hardship. Knowing this, Bush used it to his advantage. Now because of him and his administration have garner America’s reputation in the world. We are still paying for this today and probably for many more years.

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FBI has 2 suspects in Boston Marathon Bombing.

           The FBI announced today that they had 2 suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing. They have been playing the video on a loop since they announced it. They are 2 men in dark jackets, one with a white hat, one with a black hat. It appears to me that they have dark hair and lighter skin.

          After the fiasco yesterday of news outlets saying that there were arrests. The New York Post had pictures of 2 men on their cover, showing their faces. They also reported that there was a suspect in custody and he was a Saudi national. They have not apologized for either incident of false accusation.

                Some terrorism experts seem to think these 2 suspects have had some training. They believe that because of how calm they were, they were not even looking over their shoulders. I have not heard much about it being and domestic or international terrorist attack. In my opinion, I am not an expert, it seems like a domestic attack. They keep saying how low tech the bombs are, which points away from international terrorism.

            President Obama spoke today at a prayer meeting and brought the crowd to their feet. He said how a bomb may hurt us but it will not keep us down. That is not verbatim. Boston has the full cooperation from all federal agencies, FBI, CIA,ATF, there is no organization off limits. Democrats and Republicans finally agree on something.

           Whatever ideology there is, it is sick. There is nothing I can think of that would justify bombing innocent people. It is sick and cowardly to attack like that. Attacking the unaware and those who are not trained to deal with this. It is absolutely cowardly and I hope they catch all these goons.

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Dick Cheney

           Dick Cheney once served as Vice-President and now will sit infamously as one of the architect of one of the largest lies ever told to American people. He ignored information to invade a country that did not have WMDs. 32,000 injured American soldiers, almost 5,000 killed and over $3 trillion spent. Not to mention almost 110,000 dead Iraqi civilians.

               Dick Cheney helped perpetuate this lie, in fact he may have been the chief engineer behind it. Saddam Hussein was a bad man, he did many bad things, but we didnt go in because of those actions. We went in under fraudelent information that he had WMDs and was working with Usama Bin Laden. Almost all of the information he used to sell the American people on the war was fabricated. Somehow he walks free today.

            It took us about 6 weeks to finish the invasion, but our leaders did not have a plan for after that. Because of that in took us another 7 years or so to get out of there. While we went in there on fabricated information, which the CIA said was fabricated, he made quite a bit of money through Blackwater and Haluburton.

            It showed a weakness in leadership that Congress got bully damned into this. Everyone was worried that they would lose their seat. That is inexcusable. We had a weak president in office who let himself be pushed into this. This is a president who didnt even truly win his seat, this should never had happened.

            Tonight I go to bed knowing that before we went into Iraq I did NOT agree with it. I said to my wife it was going to end up being like Vietnam. Our soldiers should not have died because Dick Cheney had an issue with Iraq. George Bush should not have let himself be pushed into it and Congress should have read all the paperwork. Hopefully this will be a lesson for us going forward.

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Why do Republicans trivialize Sequester cuts?

               Every news outlet is bringing on Senators & Representatives from both parties. The Republican party insists that these Sequester cuts will have no effect. They claim that Democrats are making a bigger deal out of this than need be.

             Yes President Obama suggested the Sequester, it was a means of forcing compromise on both parties. What the Republican party does not want to tell you is that it passed a vote in both houses. In fact over 170 Republicans voted to pass this. To take this a step further Republican Senator John Boehner was quoted as saying he got 98% of what he wanted in the Sequester deal. So to pass the blame completrly on President Obama is a blatant LIE. These sequester cuts wil effect us.

            In my state alone, Pennsylvania, we will lose $1.1 billion in funding. These will effect both Army depots to the tune of about $700 million in cuts. Tobyhana Army depot in Northeastern Pa. employs about 5,400 citizens, not including Army personnel. There budget will be cut 34% ir $309 million, please tell me how this doesnt effect people. Education ,Headstart, transportation, CHIP, WIC, meals & transportation for the elderly would be cut.

           The FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Border Patrol, State & Local Police would be effected. I am not worried about people waiting in lines for a plane but I am worried about a stretched security team that may let something horrible get through. How will these cuts not effect economy? People will be furloughed for a time or laid off, that is more job loss. This Sequester was put here as a bad measure, to force both parties to work together.

            Another thing REPULICANS are not telling you, SENATORS & REPRESENTATIVES PAY WILL NOT BE EFFECTED. Yes their aporoxamately $170,000 a year for working 117 days will not be effected. Maybe that is why they say it will have no effect, because it doesnt for them. To criticize the President for taking this to the people is ridiculus. This has an effect on us, WE SHOULD KNOW. WE ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT TO CALL OUR REPRESENTATIVES. SO FEEL FREE TO CONTACT THEM. Please do, maybe this can be avoided.

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