The North Carolina Senate makes guns easier to get without background checks.

                      The North Carolina Senate amended sweeping pro-gun legislation making it easier to buy a handgun without a background check. It allows for the private purchase of guns in the state without a permit. Background checks and a permit would be needed only when buying from licensed dealers, but not from private purchases, including sales at gun shows.

This is just part of a larger gun package making its way through the Republican controlled legislature. This amendment would become part of the package that the Senate is taking up after the House passed it. The bill includes provisions to allow guns in locked cars at all public colleges and schools in the state. As well as at parks, bike paths and restaurants that serve alcohol. Attendees at a funeral will be allowed to carry a gun, along with people participating in parades. Judges, registers of deeds and court clerks would be permitted to carry guns during a work day.

Conservative legislation has dominated the current North Carolina Session. Current proposals include overhauling the states tax system and creating an official religion. Yes you read that right, an official religion. That is a complete violation of the First Amendment. Republicans talk of protecting the Second Amendment at the cost of every other Freedom we have.

This is the first year in more than 100 years that Republicans have controlled both houses of the legislature and the Governorship of North Carolina. Hopefully for the state this will be the last time for the next 100 years.

State Democrats question the logic of the Gun Bill. The State Democratic Spokesman told the Huffington Post ” Republicans in the General Assembly have no concept of consequences. They have shown that time and time again. Guns and Alcohol don’t mix. Guns at town parades or at playgrounds with our children are unacceptable. Guns on campus makes our college students less safe. To add insult to injury this legislation undermines our local Sherriffs ability to make their towns and cities safe.”

Republicans nationwide seem to want to poke President Obama in the eye. After Sandy Hook, President Obama and Democrats pushed for Gun Reform. The Gun Reform legislation was stopped by a Filibuster, supported by Republicans, who were funded by NRA Lobbyists. Since Sandy Hook about 5,000 more people have been killed by gun violence. Republicans seem to support chaos, both economically and socially. They seem deadset on a Fuedal Society controlled by wealthy corporations.

Gabby Giffords keeps up efforts for Gun Control.

          The former Arizona Congresswoman, Gabby Giffords, vwas shot in the head about 30 months ago. She recently met in New Hampshire with the parents of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre. They gathered to talk strategy, how to get Congress talking about Gun Control again.

Giffords, a Democrat, has become the face of the Gun Control movement. She is still recovering from injuries incurred in a 2011 attack that killed 6 others. Her and her husband, Mark Kelly, have been travelling the nation encouraging states to defy the NRA. They are trying to gain traction for legislation to expand background checks. They would also like to push for legislation for Assault Weapons Bans and High Capacity Magazine Bans.

Giffords recently formed Super-PAC and related non-profit group have ambitious plans to expabd their political clout in 2014. The group is known as Americans for Responsible Solutions and they are expected to raise $20 million for political activities and ads for the next election and the next Gun Control Vote. Up to now New York City Mayor Micheal Bloomberg has provided much of the financial support for Gun Control advocacy. His group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has spent more than $12 million in an effort to pressure lawmakers in several states.

Despite Giffords and Bloomberg’s effort, they reportedly have not won any more votes in Congress. It seems as if the Bill has truly bogged down and will not move forward. In the lead up to the Manchin/Toomey Gun Bill vote, the NRA poured close to $400,000 into the Senators who voted against the bill. Republicans have been bashing Mayor Bloomberg for throwing his money around. It seems as if the NRA is uncomfortable going up against another lobbyist with just as much money.

Since Sandy Hook, over 4,500 have been killed by gun violence. Children have shot other children and people have been shot at gun shows. The NRA and other gun lobbyist use fear to mobilize gun rights activists. I am for children being able to live, as well as stopping at least some of the gun violence. If 20 murdered First Graders doesn’t sway Congress, what will? It seems they only support things when it hits close to home. I hope this is not what it takes, hopefully it won’t take another Elementary School massacre either.

NRA supports reconendation to put a gun in your kids room.

          What you are about to read is true, it happened at the NRA’s 142nd Annual Meeting. It shows that guns mean more than children to the NRA, which I find baffling even for a lobbyist for the gun manufacturers. The NRA just keeps getting worse.

                Gun owners should store a gun in their KIDS room, according to a ” Home Defense Concepts” seminar offered at the NRA’s 142nd Annual Meeting. This cones just 2 days after the fatal shooting of a 2 year old by his 5 year old brother. The course was taught by Rob Pincushion, who owns the popular firearm company I.C.E. training. Pincushion argued that in the event of a home invasion, patents would instinctively run to their childrens room anyway, they might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

              Pincushion said ” How about putting a quick access safe in your kids room? Good idea or bad idea? We have an emotional pushback to that. Here is my position on this, if you are worried that your kid is going to try to break into the safe that is in your bedroom with a gun in it, you have bigger problems than home defense. If you think that the kid who is going to break into the safe because it ‘s in their room, isn’t sneaking into your room to try to break into stuff, you are naive and have bigger problems than this. So lets settle that issue and think about it. In the middle of the night, if I am in the bathroom or getting a glass of water or in the bedroom or watching TV in the living room, if that alarm goes off and the glass breaks and the dog starts barking, whats the instinct most people are going to have. In regards to am I going to run across the house to get the gun or am I going to run over and help the screaming kid? And if I am going to the kid anyway, and I have an extra gun and an extra safe, why not put it in the kids closet?” Pincus teaches an intruder defense course at schools across the country. This guy obviously should not care for children.

            Defensive gun use against home invasions are extremely rare. Many of the statistics used by the NRA are basedon mathematically impossible calculations. The best available evidence suggests that almost all criminals hit by gunfire are shot by other criminals. However, roughly 900 kids were killed by guns, suicides or accidents. A RAND Institute study found that only 39% of parents who own guns kept their guns locked, unloaded and seperate from ammunition. Any child killed because of this irresponsibility should fall directly on those parents and they should be jailed.

              This us from a lobbyist that is supported by the Republicans. I guess Republican irresponsibility goes hand in hand with the NRA’s blatant ignorance. Despite Democrats best efforts to pass Gun Control through background checks, assault weapon bans and high capacity magazine bans, they have been stopped on all. The Republicans with NRA money have denied 90% of Americans their Democratric rights. These Senators will lose their jobs and hopefully be replaced by someone who sees sense.

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Greed and America.

           Republicans speek of the Free Market as if it were miraculous. They try to sell the rest of the population how important it is and how it goes hand and hand with the American way of life. They do not mention that many suffer horribly because of the greed involved in the Free Market. A market where profits outweigh common sense.

            Republicans and conservatives believe regulations cripple the Free Market. They neglect to mention that capitalism in its true form nearly sank our economy and that these believers in the “Free Market” were the first to bail these companies out. That doesn’t sound like a Free Market to me, that sounds like tax payers subsidizing Private Enterprises. That there is a bit of Socialism.

             Yes I said that evil word, socialism. Republicans only believe in anything when it works for their needs. Look at how they are attacking our voting rights across the nation, can’t win fair,  they cheat. These same Republicans who so fiercely support capitalism and the Free Market give corporations almost $200 billion a year in corporate welfare. Yet they attack the $80 billion spent on Food Assistance for low income Americans. Each dollar of that $80 gets a return of $1.84 into the economy.

                The Free Market and Capitalism are just words used to cover their true agenda. At first this may sound conspiracy like,  but read and put it together. In each state Republicans are gerrymandering and attempting to make it harder for poor folk to vote. They vote against gun reform, which is strongly supported by Americans. Are against gay marriage, support the Sequester, voted against VAWA, are attempting to cut SNAP benefits, voted against Sandy Relief, want to Privatize Social Security and Public Schools and want to cut Medicare. Please remember this is just a partial list. Why would they these things and who do they affect? Mind you they voted no to raising taxes on corporations and wealthy people.

               This is class warfare. They are attacking the weak, those who cannot politically protect themselves. An American voices their political opinion through voting. Republicans believe if they can control who votes the country is theirs. Their vision for America is not a Democracy with civil liberties, but a religious State controlled by a few. If you are reading this you already realize there is something wrong. If they get their e
Way we will live in something that resembles a Dictatorship.

              I am a Liberal Democrat, but I am ashamed to say that many of these Democrats are our only bastion of hope. They do not stand united and turn their backs on President Obama. We need strong leaders who will protected our Democracy. We need strong leaders to keep Republicans honest and to limit the power money has on our government. Lobbying needs to be limited. We also need to realize that there are people worldwide and in our country that want to harm us. Please do not incite these lunatics with ill thought out rhetoric.

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44% of Republicans believe an armed rebellion may he necessary.

               44% of Republicans believe an armed rebellion may soon be acreality in the U.S. As for Independent voters, 27% indicated that guns would soon be used to settle the country’s political problems, according to a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll. The partisan gap, about whether armed revolution will play a role in America mirrors the difference on gun control. While 50% surveyed said that gun control was important to protect the public, only 24% of Republicans agreed, while an incredible 73% of Democrats favored gun legislation, according to the survey.

             The idea of using weapons to prevent a democratically elected government from doing the will of the people began with the Koch Brothers funded Yea Party protests. Republican and conservative “experts” inflamed right wing supporters that the U.S. government was infringing upon the peoples rights. Republicans, with support from the Koch Brothers,  claim their liberties are being infringed upon because the Constitution prevents them from opposing religious edicts on the people. 1st Amendment is there for a reason.

             What the Republican threats of armed revolution really shows is that anything that isn’t in line with Republican ideology is an assault on their liberties. They believe that gay rights, contraception, gun control, free and fair elections are reason enough for an armed uprising. Nearly half of all Republicans chosen form of government is fascism, Democracy be damned. Democracy, which is one the best forms of government in world history, but because we elected a Democrat as President, nearly half of all Republicans believe armed revolution may be necessary to protect their liberties. In order to impose an authoritative regime.

                It is difficult to imagine Americans abandoning Democracy for another form of government. There are a large number of Republican inspired people who hate our representative Democracy that they are leaning heavily towards an armed overthrow of government and installing a fascist dictatorship. This transition has Bennett done in plain sight and with full cooperation and assistance from establishment Republicans and state legislatures nationwide. If Americans are foolish enough to believe the Republican use of armed revolution is predicated on the right to unrestricted firearm possession, Democracy is already doomed. All that is left is to hand the power to a Koch Brother installed fascist regime.

               President Obama was hated before he became President. He is hated because he represents change, not just in politics, but in the face of the country. Whites are no longer the major majority we have been in the past, the melting pot has truly become just that. The Republican ideology scares many minorities as well as many white people. This alone gas caused many to be wary of any policy Republicans put forth. This is the party that said if you didn’t support the Iraq war you were un-American, but yet calling for an armed revolt is not.

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Craig, Colorado considers requiring all homeowners to own an assault rifle.

                 The City Council of Craig, Colorado,  a small mountain town that relies on hunting for much of its economic activity is seriously considering a citizens proposal. The proposal would mandate that every household have at least one sporting rifle equipped to hold a high capacity magazine. This is in response to the state legislature “hammering” rural towns with new rules on gun ownership, energy policy and other issues.

           The proposed ordinance would include exemptions for those not mentally or physically capable of operating a firearm, those who cannot afford a firearm and those who oppose owning a firearm for personal or religious reasons. Although the town council agrees with the defiant message, they agreed they they should not pass an ordinance just to send a message. Many in the town rely on hunting for income, and the states recent Gun Control bill outlaws several gun accessories that hunters frequently make use of.

              This is despite , as I said,  tie recent law passed by the Colorado state legislature. The law restricts High Capacity Magazines and expanded background checks on gun buyers. I do not understand how a town can be exempt grimace state law. But Craig isn’t the first U.S. city to see such an arguably controversial measure.

                  In early April, the city council of a small town in northern Georgian approved an ordinance that would require certain households to have a gun and ammunition to “provide for emergency management of the city” the Associated Press reported. In February the Low Angeles Times reported on a small town in Utah that is seeking to do the same.

               In 1982 , Kennesaw, Ga. unanimously passed a law requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm with ammunition. The ordinance states the gun law is needed to ” protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants,” Following the laws passage crime dropped 89% , compared to the modest 10% statewide drop. The ACLU challenged the law in Federal Court just after it was passed. In response the city added conciestious objecters to the list of those exempt.

              Although the law is now being credited with a drop in crime, Kennesaw did not have a big problem with crime before it. In 1981 the crime rate was 11 burglaries per 1,000 residents. The law in its final form had many loopholes, so not everyone is required to own a gun
The law contains no clause for punishment for violating the law.

              These laws show a distinct difference between Republican and Democrat ideology. Republicans want to force you to own a gun. But they say that Democrats are wrong by trying to get everyone health care. Both instances show that Republicans care more for big corporations than people. They don’t want to lower health vista and require insurance companies to cover ore existing conditions, but they do want to force you to own a gun. It is all about the scratch with the greedy Republicans.

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Can gun violence really be blamed on movies and video games?

             The NRA and Republicans continuing trying to blame movies and video games for mass killings and gun violence. I know when I play a violent video game no one geyser killed but the fake people on the screen. Just like watching a violent movie doesn’t cause any deaths, other than the fake on screen ones.

               Our society has changed drastically over my lifetime. Morals have changed, that alone causes people to think differently. We live in a society where the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Where the poor are demonized as leeches who suck the life out of government and the rich made all their money by themselves. All of these things contribute to a desperation in the poorer communities that causes a lot of crimes.

                Mental illness also seems more prevelant. Remember Reagan throwing people out of hospitals that helpers with mental issues. Many people do not have health insurance because they cannot afford it. This leaves people in a bad spot, unable to get help or medicine to assist them with their mental issues. Thus also leads to violent crimes.

               Drugs are also very common in the poorer neighborhoods. Selling drugs seems to some to be their way out of struggles. The upward mobility in this country is almost non-existent. Corporations are making millions, but still not hiring, and if they do it is part time with no benefits. This leaves people scrambling just as bad.

            The 2 common denominators here are poor people and guns. But mass killings aren’t being done by poor people. That removes one denominator and only leaves GUNS. If we take steps to make it more difficult to get a gun, just like Republicans are doing with abortion, maybe we can prevent deaths. Background checks can weed out criminals and others with mental problems. Assault Weapons Bans keeps those weapons in police and soldiers hands. High Capacity Magazine Bans save lives by making them change clips.

             Democrats cannot let the NRA win on this. We must bring it up fir vote again very soon and show them the people are important. 90% of us want it and we will get it. We are Democracy, corporations are not.

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