Radicalization and Terrorism. Can we stop the process?

            First the excusr that Jihadist Terrorism being a response to American foreign policy must be scrapped. Or the percieved difficulty faced by Muslim youths trying to intergrate into American society. Most Muslims are not terrorists and in fact most abhore the actions of the zealots who pervert their religion. The only way to defear radical Jihadists is not by beating the violence, but the underlying ideology of hate.

As of 2012 according to Wikipedia, the American government, CIA, FBI, DEA, the police and the military have prevented 29 terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11. In that time there has been one successful terrorist attack on U.S. soil. The Boston Marathon Bombing, which was committed by 2 Chechens, one who was interviewed by the FBI. If Russia g ad shared the information they had, that one would have been prevented as well.

We are never going to prevent Radicals from hating America, regardless of changes in our foreign policy. George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan indirectly or dirictly complied with terrorist by removing U.S. soldiers from a specific area, it did nothing to change the Radical attempts to harm our country or our citizens in foreign countries. Radicals twist religious teachings to fit their hate, their mental instability and the fact that their situation was caused by Radicals before them. They prey upon weak people, lost souls and those looking for a group identity. These people are so immersed in their leaders teachings, they cannot see the forest for the trees. They do not realize that they are pawns in a sick game of revenge on a society not the individual “evil doer”. They also don’t realize their leader does not put themselves in harms way unless it comes to them, despite their claims that dying whole killing the infidels is glorious and guarantees a spot in heaven. They manipulate the weak minded, they are predators.

We can stopp planned attacks, which has been proven. The Intellegence Services pick up “chatter” and then figure out how to handle it. They usually find out if the “chatter” is true, narrow down the conspirators and then strike. We need to stop assisting countries that support or allow terrorist to hide in their lands, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran- which is subsidized by wealthy Americans like Mitt Romney and their controlling interests in the oil fields. Drone strikes make a lot of sense in these cases, cross border attacks on terrorist hideouts and training camps. We have made a lot of progress, but as a Free Society we will always be open to attacks. If we became a police state, the terrorists woukd have won and we still wouldn’t be safe.

Our leaders, intellegence services, police and other organizations have done an admirable job stopping attacks. Lone wolf attacks like the Boston Marathon Bombing or the attack on the British soldier will continue to be a thorn in our side. It shows how terrorists are adapting to our methods, finding alternate means of communication. If we cannot pick up any information about an attack, it cannot be prevented. We will never stop radicalization, we can change how we are percieved worldwide, it doesnt matter what we do. It us not our policies they disagree with, it is our freedoms and it is their theory that all people should live by Sharia Law. As we deal with more of this maybe we can develope nethods to stop radicalization.
In closing, Republucans; Democrats, President Obama or Joe the Plumber are not the cause, we are the victim. You cannot stop insanity, you hospitalize and medicate it. For radicalization to stop, it must be felliw Muslims that stop it. They need to preach what their religion is really about and erase the perversion done by zealots. All we can do is stop what we can and react well when it happens. We cannot kick people out of the country or hate all because of the actions of a few. We are America, we are better than that.

Immigration reform, something needs to be done.

             Whenever I am around people the conversation usually turns to politics. I think this has to do with the fact that I am a progressive Democrat, who is quite liberal. Many of the people I end up debating are of course Republicans, whose ideals are a direct contradiction to mine. Which I am fine with, but please if you are going to rip up President Obama and his policies please speak the truth about his policies not his personality. His policies affect our day to day life, not his attitude.

              Today I was told that this person didn’t like Obama, it had nothing to do with his policies or what he did to help us, it is because he is arrogant. I did not like George W. Bush, not because he was a simple minded fool, but because he lied to us and nearly brought our country to its knees. I supported his going into Afghanistan, wrong or not, we needed to get Bin Laden. I did not support Iraq, because I didn’t think we needed to be there or fight 2 wars at once.

              The disturbing part of the conversation was about immigration reform. It was said that we should deport all of them, although the children born here are legally American citizens. While I do agree with the fact that everyone should be required to learn English, I think deporting anyone other than criminals is dumb. That is not the answer. A pathway to citizenship seems like a better course. Give them 5-7 years to be naturalized. If we make them citizens they will pay taxes, creating more revenue for government.

               It is ignorant thinking like this that is causing the polarization on every issue. The only issue Republicans will agree with Democrats on is making sure there are no delays at airports. They will let the Sequester take food away from kids and cancer medicine from the elderly but don’t make a Congressman wait for a flight. We are moving from one created issue to another so Republicans can avoid working for the people. I don’t know the right way to take care of immigration reform, but I can assure you deporting them all isn’t the answer.

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