Where were Benghazi whistle blowers during last hearings?

                 I am not accusing them of lying, I am curious where these people were in January. Why didn’t these whistle blowers come out earlier. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered questions and jumped through Republican hoops. Apparently it took Republicans four and half months to realize they were unsatisfied.

            I, personally do not put much stock in a whistle blower who tells their story months after they should have. Republicans seem to forget several things. When you take a post overseas there is an element of risk that comes with it. That the same Republicans who required another set of hearings voted for a funding cut on the State Department budget. It was almost half a BILLION DOLLARS, they denied Secretary of State Clintons request for an increase in budget and their actions caused the loss of 300 embassy security personnel. They also signed an Amendment in 2009 cutting $1.2 billion from the State Department budget.

              They also neglect to mention 11 raids on embassies/consulats and almost 60 deaths in those raids during Bush’s tenure. Not one Republican called for Congressional hearings nor did a Democrat. This is a Republican full court press to make President Obama and Democrats look bad. They are attempting to make it even more difficult for the President to accomplish his second term agenda. As well as set Democrats up to fall in 2014 election.

                The Republican party’s hate for President Obama is causing them to act more childish then normal. Not to mention if Hillary Clinton decides to run in 2016, there’s is not a Republican who can beat her. Republicans are not confident enough in gerrymandering and voter purges to try to beat her. The shame of it is, if Republicans stopped being extremist they might garner more votes. But taking away true rights unites the people against you.

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Greed and America.

           Republicans speek of the Free Market as if it were miraculous. They try to sell the rest of the population how important it is and how it goes hand and hand with the American way of life. They do not mention that many suffer horribly because of the greed involved in the Free Market. A market where profits outweigh common sense.

            Republicans and conservatives believe regulations cripple the Free Market. They neglect to mention that capitalism in its true form nearly sank our economy and that these believers in the “Free Market” were the first to bail these companies out. That doesn’t sound like a Free Market to me, that sounds like tax payers subsidizing Private Enterprises. That there is a bit of Socialism.

             Yes I said that evil word, socialism. Republicans only believe in anything when it works for their needs. Look at how they are attacking our voting rights across the nation, can’t win fair,  they cheat. These same Republicans who so fiercely support capitalism and the Free Market give corporations almost $200 billion a year in corporate welfare. Yet they attack the $80 billion spent on Food Assistance for low income Americans. Each dollar of that $80 gets a return of $1.84 into the economy.

                The Free Market and Capitalism are just words used to cover their true agenda. At first this may sound conspiracy like,  but read and put it together. In each state Republicans are gerrymandering and attempting to make it harder for poor folk to vote. They vote against gun reform, which is strongly supported by Americans. Are against gay marriage, support the Sequester, voted against VAWA, are attempting to cut SNAP benefits, voted against Sandy Relief, want to Privatize Social Security and Public Schools and want to cut Medicare. Please remember this is just a partial list. Why would they these things and who do they affect? Mind you they voted no to raising taxes on corporations and wealthy people.

               This is class warfare. They are attacking the weak, those who cannot politically protect themselves. An American voices their political opinion through voting. Republicans believe if they can control who votes the country is theirs. Their vision for America is not a Democracy with civil liberties, but a religious State controlled by a few. If you are reading this you already realize there is something wrong. If they get their e
Way we will live in something that resembles a Dictatorship.

              I am a Liberal Democrat, but I am ashamed to say that many of these Democrats are our only bastion of hope. They do not stand united and turn their backs on President Obama. We need strong leaders who will protected our Democracy. We need strong leaders to keep Republicans honest and to limit the power money has on our government. Lobbying needs to be limited. We also need to realize that there are people worldwide and in our country that want to harm us. Please do not incite these lunatics with ill thought out rhetoric.

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Say no to the NRA.

                   As Connecticut pushes forward with a very progressive gun control agenda, the NRA again comes forward with more nonsense. The NRA is a gun lobbyist, they are there to help buy elected officials so gun manufacturers can get their agenda pushed through. The NRA only cares about the 2nd Amendment because it serves their needs.

             Again the NRA comes out in support of arming teachers, but are against universal background checks. So we want to put guns in the hands of teachers who already has the responsibility of teaching 35 or 40 students at a time. Do you honestly believe that is a wise idea? What if the teacher accidentily left it out? What if a kid gets their hands on it? Of they lock it in their desk, how will they get to it in time, while taking care of the kids?

                 This is not the answer. Flooding our streets with more guns, turning it into the wild west again. These are radical answers from a radical group that will make money from more guns getting sold. So do you think this is a good answer? The answers should come from people who do not have anything gain from it. Conflict of interest anyone?

                As President Obama, Harry Reissue and Democrats try to push forward with gun control, Republicans of course threaten to filibuster any kind of gun control bill. So again do Republicans have the peoples interest in mind? If the NRA is allowed to win this battle it will set a very disturbing precedent.  It will say that money means more than 20 dead children, it means more than your kid or mine. That is unacceptable.

          The NRA needs to learn their place. Republicans need to realize the people will remove them from office if they do not work for us. In 2014 we need to show them that gerrymandering, voter suppression, lobbying or whatever they throw at us, IT DOES NOT MATTER. We will keep removing people from office until they work for us.

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Pennsylvania doesnt agree with you Governor Corbett.

               80% of Pennsylvanians disagree with selling the lottery to a British Company, in fact to any company. A good majority think that you are guilty if taking illegal gifts. The people Pa. want a Marcellus Shale to be taxed. Corbetts answer are to attack pensions that the hasnt been paying into, essentially punishing the employees who signed a contract with the state.

               Privatizing the Pa. Lottery is going to benefit the people of Pa., how? Penbsylvanians are decrying this effort, we do not want it, but yet you are ignoring the voice of the people. Why Governor Corbett? Some of these people put you in office, do you not work for us? You will not get another term if continuing ignoring the people as you have. Your approval ratings are in the toilet because of the actions you have taken.

              You cry poverty for the state yet refuse to tap into a very lucrative tax income. The Natural Gas Drilling Companies. 85% of the 783 companies do not pay any taxes. We do not have a severance tax on them which woul generate another $400 billion a year. This tax alone cuts Education cuts over the last 2 years in half. But apperently these tax ideas do not come to your mind. Every other state has the tax why not us?

            It is unfortunate that this man is our governer. He does not care about our people as evidenced by him allegedly taking illegal gifts and his support for the poll tax. He is manhandling the state pension plans, even after Act120 was put into effect to alleviate the problem. Corbett will end up being a 1 term governor because he knows more than the people. This is why we vote governor.

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                     The definition of gerrymandering from Wikipedia is as follows; in the process of setting electoral districts, gerrymandering, is a practice that attempsts to establish a political advantahe for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries to create partisan advantaged districts. The resulting district is known as a gerrymander, however the world can also refer to the practice. In addition to its use achieving desired election results for a particular party, gerrymandering may be used to help or hinder a particular DEMOGRAPHIC.

                   Although gerrymandering is illegal, it is used by the party in power to maintain power. It helps them keep control of state governments and the House of Representatives. Obviously it doesnt work as well in Presidential elections, or else Mitt Romney would be president not President Obama.

                Gerrymandering hsd been challenged many times in federal court and has been legislated against. In 1842, the Reapportionment Act required that congressional districts be continous and compact. In 1862, the Supreme Court ruled that districts must follow the principle of ” one man, one vote” and have fair borders and an appropriate population mixture. Most recently, the Supreme Court ruled in 1985 that manipulating district borders to give an advantage to one political party was unconstitutional.

                 There are 3 methods to gerrymandering. Excess vote concentrates the voting powers of opposition into just a few districts. Effectively diluting the opposition power outside those districts. Wasted vote dilutes the opposition voting power across many districts. Preventing opposition majority in as many districts as possible. Stacked method draws bizarre boundaries to concentrate the power of the majority party by linking distant areas into specific party in power districts.

                  The 113th Congress has 232 Republicans and 200 Democrats with 3 vacancies. Despite Republicans getting defeated badly in the popular vote they still have an over 52% majority in tge House. Republicans are guilty of gerrymandering many states before the 2012 election. Obama won Pa. by more than 5 points, but Democrats only carried 5 of the states 18 congressional seats. Obama won Virginia, but Dems only carried 3 of 11 seats. Obama won Ohio but Dems only carried 4 of 16 seats. Those are just a few examples.

                  You would think winning the popular vote would put that party in power. Now we have 2 recent exampled that its not true. Bush beating Gore in 2000 election, and the 2012 election. This is just another Republican strategy to take the vote away from the people. It is happening as we speak, look at tge changing voting districts in Pennsylvania. They say cheaters never win, but the facts dispute that.

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