Rush Limbaugh, the hypocrite and bigot, how does he have a radio show?

                 As I have said in some of my earlier posts I listen to conservative talk radio sometimes because we do nit have a progressive channel. It also truly prepares me for how to debate concervatives. They listen to Rush Limbaugh like he is quoting the Bible. If you look up what get says you will actually see that he skews every story to fit his agenda.

                What I just said was a play on what he was saying today. He was saying that the media is totally flawed because they are liberals who present their agenda in every story. The media has let the American people down because every news story they write is skewed to get their liberal agenda across. I realize that I said that twice but I can’t get over Rush Limbaugh saying it.

                 This is a man who called Sandra Fluke a who’re, yet has been married 4 times. He at one time went into rehab for drug abuse. A good conservative Catholic does not get a divorce or did they change that to keep the rich coming to church.

               This man speaks as if he doesn’t twist the news to work for his agenda. He turns everything into a President Obama conspiracy. He forced the IRS to look at Tea Party organizations who were looking for tax exempt status. He blamed President Obama for the Benghazi situation. He praises John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitchell Mcconnell and Marco Rubio as Herod of the American cause. He tends to leave out the parts where Republicans are trying to take away our civil rights.

               Democrats are evil to this man. They do nothing but hurt the country to Rush Limbaugh. He at one point was the shining example if conservative Republicans, then he started letting Hus true identity show. He let on that he was a bigot and a sexist. He has lost a lot of advertisers and is now distinguish his company money. The Stop Rush movement has gained traction as is causing Hus corporate advertisers to drop like flies. One step closer to removing this man from the radio.

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Why does the GOP hate the EPA?

             Republicans hate the EPA, they say that it is President Obamas way to destroy private enterprise. As the Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney, ran on an I hate the EPA agenda. He said that it was conpletely out of control. The EPA was created by a Republican.

                President Obama is destroying private enterprises. Although the stock market remained over 15,000 for the third consecutive days. Before this the stock market was never over 15,000, not once. If he us using the EPA to destroy private enterprises, he really sucks at it. Tom Delay, called the EPA the Gestapo of the government. It has been one of the major claw-hooks the government maintains on the back of our constituents.

             The Republicans new way to stop from confirming an EPA director seems to be by questioning them.into submission. President Obama has nominated Gina Mccarthy has been nominated. Senate can ask all the questions it likes, do its due diligence. They can ask questions in person or in writing. The nominees write their answers back.

              Republicans asked Michael Leavitt 22 questions, Democrats 283. Republicans asked Stephen Johnson 49 questions, Democrats 181. Those are both Bush nominees. Republicans asked Lisa Jackson 118 questions, Democrats 39. Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s new choice was asked 41 questions by Democrats and a whopping 1,079. There are subquestions in the questions, she received 123 pages if questions from Senator Vitter.

            The 8 Republican Senators on the Environment and Public Works Committee, led by ranking member Senator David Vitter, boycotted a committee meeting. They did so in protest of what they called Ms. Mccarthy ‘s unresponsive answers to more than 1,000 questions about EPA policies and practices. She has answered all 1,079 questions.

              Of course this is just another Republican ploy to protect their corporate sponsors. Democrats need to begin treating Republicans the same way. I heard Rush Limbaugh say that Republicans do not play politics, it is always Democrats and Dictator Obama. Keep inflaming the hate and then we can have companies throw chemical tainted waste into our waterways.


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Rush Limbaugh is a clown.

              I as well as any other normal American realizes that Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite, liar, drug addict as well as a bigot. My local radio does not have any liberal shows on. So being busy today I listened to conservative radio. It helps prepare you for when you debate a conservative on Twitter or in person.

                  Rush Limbaugh connected the guys who kidnapped those three girls who were found in Cleveland. How I do not know and I was listening. He said people were eating Gluten Free foods, not just because of Celiacs disease, but because of a diet fad. He also somehow connected Celiacs dosease with Jason Collins. How? Why? How does he get away with things like this.

                  Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke in no uncertain terms a whore. He continuously throws hid bigoted ideas out there into crazy land inflaming hatred for our lawmakers. Republicans are not always immune from this lunatics attacks. Democrats are the devilish, as well as anyone who disagrees with him.

                Twitter has cost him many advertisers because of his callous way of speaking about others. His preposterous attacks on President Obama are almost in line with fellow crazies Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. These people need a beep button, so we don’t have to deal with this bologna anymore. Hold them responsible for their actions like we hold anyone else responsible.

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Good news in the jobs report.

             During April we added165,000 jobs. Which helped push the unemployment rate down to 7.5%, the lowest number in over 4 years. In addition the jobs numbers from February and March have been modified, adding more jobs.

               The public sector added 176,000 jobs, while the public sector, government, lost 11,000 jobs. We only lost jobs in the government and in construction. Asians were the only ethnicity to rise in unemployment claims. 16-19 years goldsmith dropped slightly and post 9/11 Vets dropped slightly as well.

             The major concern despite the addition of jobs is how well they are paying and if they are offering benefits of any kind. Many of the jobs that have been added were part time affording no benefits to the employees. But despite these concerns it shows that our economy is recovering, all be it slowly.

            If Republicans jump on board and work with President Obama this recovery would be much stronger. Despite Democrats best efforts the Sequester, which Republicans liken to austerity, which they want, is hurting our economy. The Sequester is causing a loss in government, federal, state and local jobs. These are normally good paying jobs, with stability and benefits. If we grew even slightly there we would very in a much better position.

             If you listen to the conservative windbag Rush Limbaugh, you would hear him downplaying these numbers. That is after years of blaming Obama for job losses and taking March’s numbers and touting them as a Democrat failure. It is sick how the right wing wishes failure so bad on our President, that they are happy when people don’t have jobs. But that is just another difference between liberals and conservatives, liberals care.

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Republicans are afraid of President Obama’s political arm.

               President Obama’s political machine has run over and through his Republican counterparts. Republicans are fretting that it could help Democrats win the House next year. The Presidents political arm, Organizing for Action, can’t legally spend most of its money on elections. Officials insist it won’t play directly in the 2014 midterm elections. Republicans of course, think that’s a lie. They are convinced the OFA will find other, indirect ways to help Democrats capture the House and allow Obama to finish his presidency unchecked by Republicans.

                President Obama recently told a grass roots group springing out of his campaign that they can play an equally powerful role in helping  his ambitious second term agenda come to fruition. Addressing, the fledgling group OFA for the first time, he sought to temper concerns among Republicans and good governance groups that questioned whether the groupeas really seeking to help Democrats recapture the House in 2014. Why that would matter is beyond me. Republicans are constantly getting money from special interest and billionaires, why would this concern them.

              Hours earlier President Obama held a meeting with the House Republicans aimed at laying the ground work for compromise. He said that he sensed a genuine desire among Republicans to get things done. He said that many Republicans are just as weary of the grinding gridlock that has ground any progress on major fiscal issues to a halt.

                  Recently the RNC released its “Growth and Oppurtunity Project”, a document that RNC chairman Reince Priebus about his partys 2012 failings. It was also called an autopsy. It seemed to throw the party and its supporters into absolute chaos. Rush Limbaugh insisted Republicans remain as conservative as ever. Evangical leaders worried that a modernizing GOP may alienateits Christian base. Why? A political party needs to evolve its ideas to stay relevant or they will hlfind themselves in the dustbin of history. Conservative commentater, David Frum,  lamented the lack of new policy ideas in the document.

            Tie goal of the recent one day Obama Campaign Legacy Conference wad to rethink the mechanics of American politics. Campaigns usually scatter the day after the election, many think that is wasteful. All the mire so with a team that produced 155 million door knocks, phone calls and 1.8 million new voter registrations,  not to mention 332 Electoral College votes. So OFA wants to continue these tactics. Running ads in districts that data shows Republicans are out of step with constituentson Gun Control, as well as other issues. The OFA will use well well honed campaign tactics to achieve policy goals.

               The Republican party would not be in as much election trouble if they did more for the people. They continuously side with special interest groups, lobbyist and whoever gives them the most money. The people seem to suffer with every decision they make, Sequester, VAWA, Universal Background Checks, Raising Minimum Wage and Equal Pay for Women to name a few. But they help pass a bill that stops airport delays, which affects lawmakers, and are fighting the SEc on corporations disclosing political donations. Not to mention their Super Pacs and campaign donations from large corporations. To me this would just level the playing field.

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Why do Conservatives hate President Obama?

              Republicans from the first day of President Obamas wanted to get him out of office. Mitchell Mcconnell said his first priority was to make Obama a one term president. That is how he was welcomed to office by the party that almost single handedly manipulated one of the largest recession in history. They put us into 2 wars, yet his first priority was to make him a one term president.

              During President Obamas first term Republicans filibustered his bills almost 300 times. That is an astronomical number. The bills were Democrat and President Obama supported. They fought him every step of the way on the ACA, which the overwhelming majority agreed we needed to reform our medical system. Yet every step he took they threw a land mine.

                  His Jobs Bill was shot down even though or would have created about a million jobs. This most assuredly would have helped us through this recession. But no the Republicans stopped it because they didn’t want it all put in one bill. Good reason right. When he tried to put more money into the economy they cut it in half and effectively stalled our recovery. One thing after another in an attempt to hurt him the Republicans hurt the American people.

                The Democrats let this happen by being spineless and not fighting for the people. I believe in some of our Democrats but some have sold their soul to keep their seat. Republicans hate Obama because he represents a new America,  a diverse America where anything is possible for everyone. This bothers them because if the poor can rise that high whats to stop them from doing whatever they want. Republicans want to believe money is the be all end all,  which was proved wrong when Obama won again.

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When I hear you speak……… 2

             When I hear Elizabeth Warren speak I am elated to know we have an intelkegent passionate Senator who will attack the banks. I think she will attack any wrong doer with facts and intellegent solutions. She asks for answers and is not satisfied until she gets them. But at the same time she does not treat a person telling the truth, good or bad like an idiot.

            When I hear Mike Lee speak it makes me question how he got into government. He obviously only believes in the parts of the Constitution that work with his agenda. He believes in nullification which is unconstitutional yet says he is a protector of the document. I wonder which psych ward opened its doors and let him out.

             When I hear Bill Clinton speak I immeadiatly think of Monica Lewinsky. I realize he is a good man and an excelkent president but this is what I think of. I also think that he seems like a good egg I would like to share a couple beers with.

             When I hear Michelle Bachman speak I shake my head. This is another case of who let the loon out of her cage. She says some awfully outlandish things. It scares me to think that she was in the running for president. Seriously what assclowns supported that terrible idea.

             When I hear Mitt Romney speak I am glad I dont have to hear him very often. He may have been a good governor, but he was a hortible presidential candidate. It really doesnt say much for a party when this robot is your candidate. Sorry Mitt, but enjoy your lifetime siesta.

              When I hear Sarah Palin speak I stop listening. She is very hard on the ears.

              When I hear Rush Limbaugh speak I cant decide exactly how he makes me feel. It is a mixture of rage, sickness and pity. Rage because truth does not have a place on his show. Sick because some of the things he says are incredibly offensive, even to me. Pity because he has so many fools believing his crap.

                When I hear Rachel Maddow speak I am impressed. She has her staff on point doing the research and always has a factual answer. She is very sensible and sides with the intellegent and correct side of the debate. She seems unflappable, but of course she is a host and not in government. She is universally hated by conservatives, Tea Party member and Republicans. You go girl.

              This the second one if these. I enjoy this and encourage anyone who reads this to please give your input. If you have anyone you want here, let me know. Thank you.

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Another letter to the editor.

          As I have said before the letter to the editor is my favorite part of my local paper. Todays letter is from a writer who blames President Obama for all of the following things;
According to the writer president Obama is solely responsible for the Sequester. He doesnt ynderstand why tax rates on everyone went up 2% but the federal government cant afford a 2% spending cut. Instead of cutting aid to Pakistan to help them gow mangos, we cut Head Start funding. We send China money for their environment , but get rid of first responders. We pay to constuct a pancake house in Washington, yet fire TSA workers.Instead of cutting wasteful Government spending we are cutting loans for college students. He also complains about presidents vacations and campaign trips.

           Now to open his eyes I am going to respond in the paper. Pretty much everything he accuses President Obama and the Democrats of, the Republicans are actually guilty of. John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted in sequester deal. Look at Paul Ryans budget and you wilk see that he is cutting college grants for students. The Republican party wanted the Sequester.All the money issues with China started under Bush.

          It is blind individuals like this that listen to Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and Laura Ingram spouting their radical right wing agenda. The agenda that is put forward by a select group of Americans. The Koch Brothers are tge financial muscle that created the Tea Party. That is a “true” grassroots movement sponsored by a wealthy backer. When people like this do a little research they will see how far off base their heros truly are.

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Conservative Lies, gotta be nuts to believe them.

         Cutting taxes leads to more money for government. Conservatives say they oppose popular programs on ideological grounds. Although they cannot admit that they happily run up huge budget defecits. (do some research, this is easily provable) So they perpetuate this lie.

           Taxes on the rich keep wealth producers from creating jobs. First just look at the Bush tenure to see how many jobs tax cuts produce. NONE! Obviously what is noteworthy here is how badly this defies common sense. Only half of American families pay taxes. Rush Limbaugh said” That the bottom 50% are paying a tiny bit of the taxes. Rember this the next time you hear about tax cuts for the rich. Understand that the so called rich ate about the only ones paying taxes.” Basically it has proven that people between 20,000 & $500,000 pay approxamately 40% plus or minus 5%.

           Americans are taxed to death. In 2008 we ranked 26th out of 30 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Developement. In terms of overall tax burden we came in 9% below the average of the group of wealthy nations. Mitch Mcconnell said ” The reason we are having this economic trough is what the government is doing to the private sector. You know President Obama keeps talking about public sector, unemployment in the public sector is 4.2%. We need to get the private sector going” There is no such thing as private or public sector percentages, they do not get measured that way. If government hired at the same rate as Reagan or Bush unemployment would be at 7%. Cuts in government jobs have cost us 1.7 million jobs.

               Mitch Mcconnell said the Obama administration had free reign, they spent & borrowed at will in Obamas first 2 years. In President Obamas first 2 year Republicans abused the filibuster using 112 times or 18% of the time in year one & 91 times in second year. You need 2/3s majority equalling 60 votes to break a filibuster. The GOP claim that austerity works. Just look at Europe, countries that applied austerity are economically disintegrating.

                We need less government spending. Unfortunately spending cuts are not the solution to the Federal defecit. At least not in the short term, government spending falls as percentage of GDP when the economy grows. A balanced aporoach is the only sane way to attack National debt. Social Security is on crisis, yes it does need adjustments. But if we make the adjustments & the rich , corporations, Republicans stop hijacking our National income we would be much better off. What do the top 1% need social security for, it is an entitlement for poor peopl, in the Republican partys opinion. So why do the super wealthy need it?

           I hope this helps clarify the Republican partys position. It is to rape average tax payers whole raping our economy. They do not want to create jobs, they want to keep wealth moving upward increasing the income gap. This may have been the Republicans partys motive for many years, it has certainly come to fruition. Our Democrat party has up til now let the GOP walk all over them, it needs to stop now. We the people demand it!

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Conservative or Crazy radio show hosts.

Today while running errands I decided to listen to talk radio. My mistake, it is something I regretted immeadiately. I caught about 5 minutes of Glenn Beck blathering on. It then slipped into Laura Ingram & I am sure the third head in this crazy assembly followed it up, Sean Hannity. They have to fire up the conservative base. Locally we do not have a pro-Democrat station. First I hear Beck rambling on about this great Pope. How he was a great leader of the church, a bright light in the Christain movement. These crazy sycophant actually believes God sent him here to fix America, that he is our great hope. Not only does he believe this but so do his loyal followers. I thought it was blasphemous to proclaim oneself a false idol or for that matter follow one . That is not very Christain of our Christain savior. Laura Ingram who I honestly believe is one of the most vile individuals alive. She is a bully behind a microphone. She does not care what she says, to who or who she hurts. If what this women said were true, thank god facts dispute about 90% of the insanity she says, we would be living in the Fourth Reich. She constantly says what an evil man President Obama is. How he is destroying America & treats anyone around him like trash. Seriously like,she would know, the administration avoids crazies like this. Then we have Glenn Becks man child Sean Hannity. He has eaten from the palms of our savior. He does not deal in facts, just lies layered upon lies. He was just called a hack the other day by a Congressional Democrat. If you disagree with him he attacks & does not let you speak. I get so angry about him I have to move on, my hand is shaking. There are other names Limbaugh & Oreilly but I just wanted to talk about these three nut jobs. The fact that Republican leaning voters listen to this nonsense really lowers my opinion of them. But then again the Republicans cant seem to do arithmetic. So not only are they the party of NO, but they are also the party of nonsense.

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