Senators criticize President Obama’s transparency but leave town when a hearing about NSA is taking place.

                    All of these Senators that said they knew nothing of the NSA searching phone records now look really bad. Instead of attending scheduled hearing with the head of the NSA, FBI, the FISA Court and anyone else involved, 53 of those Senators went home. Do you think FOX News or Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity or even the conservative hero Rush Limbaugh are going to report that. No they will spin it as President Obama’s fault that he can’t control Congress.

They were all over the news claiming no one ever told them anything. They were never informed about the program. President Obama is expanding on George W. Bush’s survellience plan. That there is to much secrecy in the White House. Now they have that hearing and less than half show up. I was unable to find a list of names, but I am sure it will pop up soon. That list will be plastered everywhere, calling out these hypocrite lawmakers.

If these Senators are Republicans it removes all credibility from their impeachment hunt. Republicans have been trying to find a reason to impeach President Obama since 7 weeks into his first term. If instead of taking the opportunity to find out how this surveillance went on ” under their nose” they went home. How many times before this have out elected leaders missed a vote in order to get home early. If a normal person leaves early when they are scheduled they recieve some sort of punishment. But not our do nothing Congress.

This is a perfect example of what is wrong with our government. The complain and beat the drum like they really mean it. When it actuality it is a show to placate the people. It will not work if they blow this opportunity. This one is going to blow up in their face. When it does Democrats need to pounce and bury these horrible people. This is our chance to get out from under the Republican agenda that helps the rich and buries the poor. Our elected leaders let us down again.

How far are we from total anarchy?

                   We are living in an extremely polarizing time in politics. Democrats and Republicans cannot see eye to eye on anything. Republicans and their party members despise President Obama. Everything that happens is a scandal in line with Watergate and Republicans believe that each is the big one they will impeach him with. People hate each other based upon party affiliation. Elected lawmakers are hurting our country to make the President look bad.

We have people in states talking of secession, not just people but also law makers. They disagree with Gun Control, Abortion laws, and anything else the President has to say. I am 39 and have never seen a political climate like this. Every truth is distorted by both sides, the media edits politicians to make it seem like they are saying something they are not. You would swear owning guns was more important than protecting children. Oh, that’s right it is to the NRA and Republicans, whose supporters only know half of the 2nd Amendment. I guess only half really works for them.

Each day I cringe when I hear how far right Republicans have gone. They have given up the illusion that they are working for the greater good. They only care about Pro-Life, scandalizing President Obama and guns. They are firing up a base, but not the normal Republican base, the wackjobs from the far far right. How far are they from completely driving us off the tracks and into a walk? They have done it already this century, but it didn’t hit full fledged rebellion.

We need the clowns like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and Alex Jones to tone it down. Jones actually said that Obama has a weather weapon that he used to create the tornadoes in Oklahoma. They are inflaming hatred of anyone who does not agree with their ideology. That creates a very murky political picture. There are people calling for armed rebellion, backed by the NRA. If we are stupid enough to repeat the mistakes of the Civil War, we deserve the mess we make. We need to wake up from this nightmare scenario and move forward or we are sure to make the same mistakes again.

Republican ideology us fundamentally flawed, elections are only proof I really need.

                 The Republican party is perplexed as to why they cannot win a Presidential election. After what George W. Bush did to our country, how fan you blame people for mistrusting your party. He lied us into a major war, didn’t pay the tab for both wars we were in and his economic policies decimated our country. Yet Republicans push the blame on President Obama and expect the country to forget what Bush and his cronies did.

               The Republican party now says they want to reach out to Latinos, yet one Republican lawmaker from Alaska called them “wetbacks” and the Heritage Foundation, a Republican thinktank, had a known racist assist in writing their immigration study. Of course you can’t forget Rush Limbaugh and the prophet Glenn Beck for their wonderful support of women.

              Instead of focusing on our economy and creating jobs, they are focused on Benghazi. Yes it was a tragedy, we already had hearings, figured out the problems and put things in place to hopefully prevent it from happening again. Remember there were 11 attacks on embassies/consulates during Bush’s tenure, with about 60 deaths and not one Republican called for a Congressional hearing.

         While Republicans are busy protecting our 2nd Amendment, they continuing stepping on our voting rights and our 1st Amendment rights. I guess the money the NRA gives them not only overpowers 90% of Americans, but also our Constitution. They force creationism and their religious beliefs on abortion on us. Abortion us legally protected by our Constitution, which also days Federal law is the law of the land. So why don’t states follow or.

          Democrats offer more stability and are there for all the people, not just 7% of them. Compromise is the true key to Democracy, when one side won’t compromise nothing will happen. So until Republicans realize it is not their way or the highway we can never move forward as a country.

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Rush Limbaugh, the hypocrite and bigot, how does he have a radio show?

                 As I have said in some of my earlier posts I listen to conservative talk radio sometimes because we do nit have a progressive channel. It also truly prepares me for how to debate concervatives. They listen to Rush Limbaugh like he is quoting the Bible. If you look up what get says you will actually see that he skews every story to fit his agenda.

                What I just said was a play on what he was saying today. He was saying that the media is totally flawed because they are liberals who present their agenda in every story. The media has let the American people down because every news story they write is skewed to get their liberal agenda across. I realize that I said that twice but I can’t get over Rush Limbaugh saying it.

                 This is a man who called Sandra Fluke a who’re, yet has been married 4 times. He at one time went into rehab for drug abuse. A good conservative Catholic does not get a divorce or did they change that to keep the rich coming to church.

               This man speaks as if he doesn’t twist the news to work for his agenda. He turns everything into a President Obama conspiracy. He forced the IRS to look at Tea Party organizations who were looking for tax exempt status. He blamed President Obama for the Benghazi situation. He praises John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitchell Mcconnell and Marco Rubio as Herod of the American cause. He tends to leave out the parts where Republicans are trying to take away our civil rights.

               Democrats are evil to this man. They do nothing but hurt the country to Rush Limbaugh. He at one point was the shining example if conservative Republicans, then he started letting Hus true identity show. He let on that he was a bigot and a sexist. He has lost a lot of advertisers and is now distinguish his company money. The Stop Rush movement has gained traction as is causing Hus corporate advertisers to drop like flies. One step closer to removing this man from the radio.

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Why does the GOP hate the EPA?

             Republicans hate the EPA, they say that it is President Obamas way to destroy private enterprise. As the Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney, ran on an I hate the EPA agenda. He said that it was conpletely out of control. The EPA was created by a Republican.

                President Obama is destroying private enterprises. Although the stock market remained over 15,000 for the third consecutive days. Before this the stock market was never over 15,000, not once. If he us using the EPA to destroy private enterprises, he really sucks at it. Tom Delay, called the EPA the Gestapo of the government. It has been one of the major claw-hooks the government maintains on the back of our constituents.

             The Republicans new way to stop from confirming an EPA director seems to be by questioning them.into submission. President Obama has nominated Gina Mccarthy has been nominated. Senate can ask all the questions it likes, do its due diligence. They can ask questions in person or in writing. The nominees write their answers back.

              Republicans asked Michael Leavitt 22 questions, Democrats 283. Republicans asked Stephen Johnson 49 questions, Democrats 181. Those are both Bush nominees. Republicans asked Lisa Jackson 118 questions, Democrats 39. Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s new choice was asked 41 questions by Democrats and a whopping 1,079. There are subquestions in the questions, she received 123 pages if questions from Senator Vitter.

            The 8 Republican Senators on the Environment and Public Works Committee, led by ranking member Senator David Vitter, boycotted a committee meeting. They did so in protest of what they called Ms. Mccarthy ‘s unresponsive answers to more than 1,000 questions about EPA policies and practices. She has answered all 1,079 questions.

              Of course this is just another Republican ploy to protect their corporate sponsors. Democrats need to begin treating Republicans the same way. I heard Rush Limbaugh say that Republicans do not play politics, it is always Democrats and Dictator Obama. Keep inflaming the hate and then we can have companies throw chemical tainted waste into our waterways.


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Rush Limbaugh is a clown.

              I as well as any other normal American realizes that Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite, liar, drug addict as well as a bigot. My local radio does not have any liberal shows on. So being busy today I listened to conservative radio. It helps prepare you for when you debate a conservative on Twitter or in person.

                  Rush Limbaugh connected the guys who kidnapped those three girls who were found in Cleveland. How I do not know and I was listening. He said people were eating Gluten Free foods, not just because of Celiacs disease, but because of a diet fad. He also somehow connected Celiacs dosease with Jason Collins. How? Why? How does he get away with things like this.

                  Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke in no uncertain terms a whore. He continuously throws hid bigoted ideas out there into crazy land inflaming hatred for our lawmakers. Republicans are not always immune from this lunatics attacks. Democrats are the devilish, as well as anyone who disagrees with him.

                Twitter has cost him many advertisers because of his callous way of speaking about others. His preposterous attacks on President Obama are almost in line with fellow crazies Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. These people need a beep button, so we don’t have to deal with this bologna anymore. Hold them responsible for their actions like we hold anyone else responsible.

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Good news in the jobs report.

             During April we added165,000 jobs. Which helped push the unemployment rate down to 7.5%, the lowest number in over 4 years. In addition the jobs numbers from February and March have been modified, adding more jobs.

               The public sector added 176,000 jobs, while the public sector, government, lost 11,000 jobs. We only lost jobs in the government and in construction. Asians were the only ethnicity to rise in unemployment claims. 16-19 years goldsmith dropped slightly and post 9/11 Vets dropped slightly as well.

             The major concern despite the addition of jobs is how well they are paying and if they are offering benefits of any kind. Many of the jobs that have been added were part time affording no benefits to the employees. But despite these concerns it shows that our economy is recovering, all be it slowly.

            If Republicans jump on board and work with President Obama this recovery would be much stronger. Despite Democrats best efforts the Sequester, which Republicans liken to austerity, which they want, is hurting our economy. The Sequester is causing a loss in government, federal, state and local jobs. These are normally good paying jobs, with stability and benefits. If we grew even slightly there we would very in a much better position.

             If you listen to the conservative windbag Rush Limbaugh, you would hear him downplaying these numbers. That is after years of blaming Obama for job losses and taking March’s numbers and touting them as a Democrat failure. It is sick how the right wing wishes failure so bad on our President, that they are happy when people don’t have jobs. But that is just another difference between liberals and conservatives, liberals care.

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