Rush Limbaugh, the hypocrite and bigot, how does he have a radio show?

                 As I have said in some of my earlier posts I listen to conservative talk radio sometimes because we do nit have a progressive channel. It also truly prepares me for how to debate concervatives. They listen to Rush Limbaugh like he is quoting the Bible. If you look up what get says you will actually see that he skews every story to fit his agenda.

                What I just said was a play on what he was saying today. He was saying that the media is totally flawed because they are liberals who present their agenda in every story. The media has let the American people down because every news story they write is skewed to get their liberal agenda across. I realize that I said that twice but I can’t get over Rush Limbaugh saying it.

                 This is a man who called Sandra Fluke a who’re, yet has been married 4 times. He at one time went into rehab for drug abuse. A good conservative Catholic does not get a divorce or did they change that to keep the rich coming to church.

               This man speaks as if he doesn’t twist the news to work for his agenda. He turns everything into a President Obama conspiracy. He forced the IRS to look at Tea Party organizations who were looking for tax exempt status. He blamed President Obama for the Benghazi situation. He praises John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitchell Mcconnell and Marco Rubio as Herod of the American cause. He tends to leave out the parts where Republicans are trying to take away our civil rights.

               Democrats are evil to this man. They do nothing but hurt the country to Rush Limbaugh. He at one point was the shining example if conservative Republicans, then he started letting Hus true identity show. He let on that he was a bigot and a sexist. He has lost a lot of advertisers and is now distinguish his company money. The Stop Rush movement has gained traction as is causing Hus corporate advertisers to drop like flies. One step closer to removing this man from the radio.

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If Republicans want answer for Benghazi, maybe they should look at their own voting record.

           House Republicans vote to reduce funds allocated to the state department for Embassy security since they won the majority in 2010. For the last several years Republicans have continued to deprioritize the security forces protecting State Department personnel worldwide. In the fiscal year 2011, Republican lawmakers shaved $128 million off the administrations request for Embassy security. They then cut back another $331 million in 201. Throw in the Sequester this yearand it is truly amazing we haven’t had similar occurrences.

                     Representative Steven Lynch ( D-MA) blasted the Republican effort to renew questions into the Benghazi Embassy attacks. Representative Lynch is a member of the committee that will hear testimony on the attacks. He dismissed the claim that the Obama administration did not provide adequate security at the Benghazi Embassy. During an exchange with FOX News Sunday host, Chris Wallace, Lynch reminded Wallace that Republicans voted to cut finding for Embassy security when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked for it. All Republicans voted NO. They complain about lack of security at Embassies after they voted against funding for security at Embassies.

               Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), a primary driver of these new hearings, was one of the lawmakers who voted to cut a total of almost $500 million from the Embassy security budget. Chaffetz ignorantly said that funding had nothing to do with security. Chaffetz has defended hos NO vote by saying Embassy security was not a priority. Republicans who voted against funding claim that the Department of Defense was responsible for security, not the State Department. Then why hold Hillary Clinton, the Secratary of State responsible? However a State Department review emphasized the need for more funding to prevent new security threats. Clinton repeated her call for more funding during Benghazi hearings in January.

                    Then Secretary of State Clinton warned Republicans that proposed cuts would create security risks. Paul Ryan, Darryl Issa and the House Republicans voted for an Amendment in 2009 to cut $1.2 billion from State operations. This included funds for 300 diplomatic security positions. Under Ryan’s proposed budget, non-defense discretionary spending,  which includes State Department funding, would be slashed by an additional 20% in 2014. Which translates to more than $400 million in additional cuts to Embassy security. But of course they want to blame President Obama, they cabling hide their guilt from right wing nut jobs.

                 This is just a witch hunt to tarnish Hillary Clintin’s name. Republicans know that if she decides to run for President they cannot compete. I believe the closest poll was 6 percentage points. This just makes the Tea Party look petty and childish. But I guess the Republicans do not know how to act.

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The good, the bad, the Republicans.

          There have been many bleak moments in the wake of the Great Recession. These are moments when you wonder if Republicans have a soul left. As a whole their morals have been compromised and right and wrong seem to mean little to them. Not just Republican lawmakers but their supporters as well. You cannot disagree or debate without them calling you names and veering from fact into supposition to blatant lies.

                   Republicans attacked then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi tragedy. But while attacking and blaming her they neglected to mention that they cut close to a half billion dollars out of the amount the Obama administration asked for to guard embassies. They say it was not a pressing issue. But it is when they have a chance to tarnish her image. Paul Ryans budgets and their blatant attacks on the poor, while cutting taxes for the rich. His budget repeals Obamacare yet keeps the money it saves to balance his budget, seriously.

               The blatantly lie to the American people. Republicans voted against VAWA yet tell people they voted for it, we can look these things up. They have tried to block, through the filibuster, anything Obama has tried to do. Yet they claim that they don’t abuse the filibuster, they have used it more with him in office than at any other time in history. They forced the Sequester, blamed Obama, yet said that it was what they wanted. Voted against raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, and Obamas Jobs Bill. In the 2 years they held the majority in the House they created zero jobs, in fact they caused more job losses.

           But the absolute kicker is the Manchin/Toomey Gun Bill. This basically gave them everything they wanted, 90% of the American people wanted it, yet Republicans and 5 Democrats voted to filibuster it. These would have appeased the public. Yet they say they didn’t like it because it might create a gun registry. That us a LIE! OUTRIGHT BLATANT LIE! It explicitely said that anyone, federal agents included, caught creating a gun registry would get 15 years in prison.

           Universal Background Checks, Assault Weapon Bans and High Capacity Magazines were all shot down. This after 20 kids were shot at Sandy Hook. The parents of the children spoke to Senators and the Senators still voted along corporate lines. Now many are not even speaking with the parents now. What does that say about the morals of our esteemed leaders. They know they are wrong yet continue to do it. The indifference of good men creates greater evil.

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Republicans attack the poor, again.

            Lost in the shuffle of last years big fiscal cliff deal was the deal that didn’t get done, a new Farm Bill. One of the major points of contention was funding for food stamps through SNAP, which is run bythe Department of Agriculture. House Republicans proposed steep cuts, $16.5 billion over the next decade. That would eliminate assistance to over 3 million low income Americans. The Senate Democrats countered with a Farm Bill cutting $4.5 billion from SBAP over the same period.

            Of course Republicans would not budge, content to hand out tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporations. Congress passed an extension to the Farm Bill that lasts until the end of September. Since there is a new Congress, all old versions of the Farm Bill are dead. Meaning that Congress has to start all over.

           As a matter of course the Republicans ate only going to increase the amount they want to cut SNAP. Representative Frank Lucas, the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, told the Capital Press that the Farm Bill will mandate a $20 billion cut to SNAP benefits over the next decade. Democrat leadership blasted Picasso saying “SNAP provides a significant boost to the economy, nearly doubling the return on every dollar we put into the program.”

                    It is a hardcore group ofconservatives in the House that are stirring debate over an issue that use to be mainly non contreversial. Paul Ryan is a leader amongst this group. His budget blatantly attacks the poor while cutting taxes for the wealthy. Ryans 2013 budget calls for $135 billion in food stamp cuts over the next 10 years. With $125 billion coming in the first 5 years. That would throw 13 million low income families off the program. House Speaker John Boehner openly acknowledged that hardcore conservatists were a primary reason the House couldn’t pass a Farm Bill.

                Washington should be debating an expansion of the SNAP benefits. Research shows that for every dollar spent on food assistance programs there is a $1.84 economic benefit. Food Stamp usage increased as a natural function of the Great Recession. Because of lost jobs, it creates more eligible people for the program. Republican demands to enact steep SNAP cuts, while crudely punitive to millions of low income Americans who depend on Food Stamps, are also unnecessary. Spending on SNAP will decrease significantly over the next decade all by itself as the economy recovers, according to the CBO.

           Since President Obama took office, Republicans have been in an all out attack mode on the poor. When offered the oppurtunity to Raise the Minimum Wage, which would have gotten a significant amount of people off SNAP, they refused to even talk about. They pulled out their ultimate weapon, the filibuster. Instead of helping kids get pre-k education, that leads to better education and on turn better jobs, which leads to less on SNAP in the future, they again said NO. Their purposes are just an attack on President Obama because people do not mean anything to these pond scimitar.

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President Obama’s first hundred days of second term.

               President Obama’s first 100 days in office during this term has been pretty full. His attempts to get gun control passed, only to be halted by the obstructionist Republicans. He came out in support of gay marriage, VAWA, attempting to raise the minimum wage and eaqual pay for women. Every step has been met with Republican resistance.

               The Manchin/Toomey Gun Bill was a bipartisan piece of legislation that was decimated by Republicans and a handful of Democrats. Senator Harry Reid dropper the ball on filibuster reform. Tie filibuster has been a thorn in President Obamas side for 4 years and 100 days. It is near impossible to pass a bill when you need 60 votes just to talk about it.

                VAWA was a big issue that Republicans voted against, then said that they voted for it. He starts making a budget and the Republicans object to it before they know whats in it. They stick with Paul Ryans joke budget, that is filled with fake math.

           We had the Boston Marathon bombing, the first terrorist attack on the U.S. under his watch. They were picked up within 5 days and authorities just arrested 3 more people in connection to that. Although they are not arrested for taking part, bit for removing items from the Dzhokhar’s room.

           I think the biggest problem is the Sequester. President Obama told the Republicans it would have negative affects on the economy, jobs and the American people. They can’t agree with Democrats on anything but get a bill done to halt airport delays in less than 2 weeks. President Obama should find other ways to inconvenience conservatives to get more things done. The Republicans subscribe to austery all of a sudden, look at Europe to see how that works.

            It has been a tough first hundred days. But President Obama is a good man, as well as a good President. He will get these things done, or will just take time. He has tried to work with Republicans, they inherently refuse. There cannot be a one sided compromise. The next hundred days will he stronger and things will get done.


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Hillary Clinton in 2016.

               If Hillary Clinton wasnt running against President Obama I would have voted for her, as would have many others. She just ran into a steamroller. I honestly believe Hillary would make an excellent President, but I thought President Obama would be better. I am very pleased with President Obama.

                  In a current Gallup Poll, which could be trash, she had a 64% favorable rating as opposed to 32% who didn’t like her. Vice President Joe Biden  who might also run, depending on who they think will win, is at 45% favorable and 42% unfavorable. 9 out of every 10 Democrats look at Hillary Clinton favorably. Compared to Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, Hillary beat them all. The only close one is with Governer Chris Christie and she beats him by 3 percentage points. V.P. Hidebound bests all but Christie,  but they are close races.

              Hillary had stepped back from politics when she stepped down as Secretary of State. Many believe she did this to prepare for her run for President. She recently came out in support of gay marriage, as are several other senators. She is strong on foreign policy and defense. She has a good record on education. She is a warrior for the middle class.

           In 2016 my vote will go to Hillary Clinton. She will make a fantastic President and continue pulling our country put of the doldrums. We will be stronger with her than without. I hope we can continue improving our country and helping our people, I believe Hillary can do just that.

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We are feeling the effects of the Sequester.

             We are feeling the rippling effects of the Sequsester. Republican lawmakers thought that the Sequester was a good idea to cut the deficit, the deficit that they worked very hard to create. John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted out of the Sequester deal. Paul Ryan believed it was a good idea to cut funding to kids and the elderly. But they would lead you to believe it us President Obamas fault. Yes he did suggest it, as a way to force both parties to the table. But over 170 Republicans voted in favor of it, they also decided that it needed to be put in place.

                Of course the Sequester does not affect lawmakers pay, they get paid even if the government shuts down. They are not concerned with the rest of us, remember we all just leech off the wealthy. In a backhanded attempt to get the Sequester in place and not have any military spending cuts, Paul Ryan presented his budget. Which eliminated military spending cuts and put the onus on President Obama to figure out which domestic programs to cut. He also repealed the ACA in that budget, but used the savings it created to help balance his budget. I don’t think that would work.

            Republicans said that we would not feel the affects of the Sequester. Of course that was another lie. The FAA must cut $637 million from its budget by September. All TSA workers are going to be furloughed for at least 11 days. It is already causing delays at airports. 90 ATF gun agents have been laid off in West Virginia because of the Sequester, with another 160 possible. Meals on Wheels funding has been cut, LIHEAP, which is heat assistance for the poor was cut, as well as Head Start. This are all necessary and important programs.

          Just to show how screwed up Republican priorities are. They were angry because the White House stopped tours, but ok when the military stopped their Tuition Assistance Program.Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party obviously are more concerned with stopping abortion, almost 40 bills proposed this year and with making sure the NRA gets their way. In the case of gun control the Republicans voted against 90% if Americans. 2014 is an election year, vote out Republicans and put in a Democrat who will work for the people.

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