Governor Corbett blames high unemployment numbers in Pa. on jobless using drugs.

                    Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania explains away poor job numbers, saying that most unemployed are on drugs. He is battling an uphill battle trying to keep his post as governor. He has a negative job approval rating and the states slow economic recovery are both working against him. The states unemployment rate dropped to 7.9%, but the number of people working in Pa. tumbled about 14,000 employees in March, following a drop of 6,000 in February. Private job creations has remained flat for over a year, growing by 1,000 jobs and leaving the state ranked 49th in the country in job creations.

              In trying to explain away Pennsylvania’s less than stellar jobs performance, he argued that the state gained 111,000 private sector jobs, since he took office. He insists Pennsylvania is doing better than other states on his watch. He grew defensive when interviewed and complained that a lot of bussineses are having trouble filling job openings because many Pennsylvanians use illegal drugs.

               A Quinnipac University Polling Institute Poll released recently found Corbett trailing potential Democratic opponents by at least 9 percentage points. His approval rating has been in steady decline. He has been linked directly to several scandals and many of his ideas have been met with cynicism because of his overly friendly relationship with the Natural Gas Drilling Industry. His aattempts to alter the state pension funds have been called unconstitutional and have been held up. His cuts to education have been well documented, as well as the fact he has received over $1 million from Natural Gas Drillers since becoming governor.

       Earlier this year a Pennsylvania state senator introduced a bill requiring drug testing of all recipients and applicants for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families in Pa. The state is currently conducting a pilot program. 19 counties across the Commonwealth have started testing only those who have been convicted of felony drug offenses.

               This isn’t the first time Governor Corbett has attacked the jobless. During the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, he said many jobless are just going to sit there and not seek work until their unemployment benefits run out. It also worth noting that since Corbett took over as governor, Pennsylvania’s record on jobs has deteriorated. In 2011 the year Corbett took office, just 1.8% of workers in Federally regulated industries failed drug tests. Typical of a Republican to bland the people for his failings.

            Pennsylvania has been torn under Governor Corbett. Republicans and Democrats are in constant state of disagreement. Of the 100 people I have asked, I know alot of people who hate President Obama, 83 of them said they are unhappy with Corbett and will vote for someone else. It is not the most sophisticated poll, but it does show a small concensus about his performance. I guess he is not called One Term Tommy because he will be reelected.

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Govener Tom Corbett is closing out of 60 State Health Centers.

                 Governor Tom Corbett administration is being sued by a union representing state employed health care workers. 5 Democrat lawmakers also filed a suit against the administration. The SEIU says Corbetts plan violates a 1996 state law as well as a provision of the State Constitution barring the government from suspending laws enacted by the legislature. The SEIU further contends that only the legislature can approve such closings. They also say that Corbetts proposal to reduce state funding for the centers in the 2013-2014 budget has yet to be approved by lawmakers.

                 The Corbett administration has a 2 phase plan to close 26 state health centers out of a total 60 statewide. This would also eliminate 73 nursing jobs. The nurses monitor local health data, track trends and investigate first hand accounts in the field. They have also been credited with several health crisis throughout the state. They contained the nations largest Hepatitis A outbreak that claimed 3 lives and over 650 confirmed cases by immunizing 9,500 people; prevented the spread of Hepatitis A outbreak amongst 30 kinderdarteners, discovering the rise in infant deaths and educating new parents to prevent it; organizing a dental clinic in response to children and adults showing up on emergency rooms with painful abscesses; identifying and treating an exchange student with tuberculosis, among several others.

             The state run centers also provide immunizations, TB screenings, STD/HIV services. They do not provide primary care. Corbett explains that the closings will help modernize the health system and saving a whopping $3.4 million. The 60 centers cost about $20 million a year. Many in the industry worry that closing the centers will reduce residents access to health care.Michael Wolf, Acting Secretary of the Pa. Department of Health, said that about 70-77% of the operational funds go to leases at state health centers and not to services. He also said that they did a couple thousand immunizations at the Harrisburg Farm Show, while the 3 local centers only did 90 in a month. Joe Sunbathe, superviser at Community Health, explained that certain services they need in the county departments had not been made available to them.

                 What Corbett is doing obviously violates the Pa. Constitution. It also does nothing to help the people of the state. Instead of Corbett taxing Natural Gas Drilling he again goes after the people. Corbetts brand of cronyism is blatantly obvious, he and the Republicans have an agenda and it is forcing Pa. down into the dumps. It is another case of Republicans not liking something and throwing a hussy fit. We need to vote Corbett out in 2014.

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