North Dakotas new abortion bills.

                North Dakotas legislature finalized passage of a personhood amendmemt that backers claim will lead to banning abortion in the state. Leading pro-life groups dispute this amendment believing the measure would only entrech legalized abortion further. The legislature approved SCR4009, which states the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected. The chamber also aporoved SB2303 which ensures that the protection that our criminal laws afford victims, extends to all human beings born and unborn.

            State Senator Magerette Sitte (R), the sponsor of the personhood initiative said that they intend it being a direct challenge if Roe v. Wade. This is also the first persnhood amendment to pass any state legislature. It is said that both SCR4009 and SB2303 were written to ensure the mother and baby are both treated as medical patients, that care is not inhibited, and that fertility treatments are not banned.

              So far this year the North Dakota legislature has taken up 6 different bills to end safe and legal abortion. Some are broad and could possibly interfere with personal, private medical decisions ranging from abortion to fertility treatment. Others ban abortion at different stages of pregnancy. One would effectively ban abortion in the state with overregulation that local doctors have said is medically unnecessary. One abortion ban was even amended to include a ban on funneling for programs like sex education for at-risk teens in Fargo, a partnership between North Dakota State University and Pkanned Parenthood.

             Abortion Rights Activists have said that if it is signed into law they will fight them in court. The threat of costly litigation may be less of a deterrent in oil rich North Dakota than in other states. Booming oil production has helped the state avoid budget cuts seen elsewhere. Still any kind of lawsuit will eat into surplusses and hurt the states economy.

               There is no arguing the unconstitutionality of this law. A victory for Roe v. Wade will only make it more difficult for Republicans,Tea Party and Conservatives to overturn it in the future. That being said once again a Republican run state is using state law,to supercede U.S. Constitutional law, which of course is unconstitutional. Where are the Democrats on this? They should be involved in this, protecting peoples rights from the Republican attempts at a dictatorship.

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Mitch Mcconnell, a brief history.

            Mitch Mcconnell was voted into the Senate in 1984, he has served consecutively sinnce. He is well known for saying his single most important tghing he needs to achieve was to make President Obama a one term President. It wasnt the economy, jobs, corrupt banking practices or getting us out of 2 wars. He has also voted in favor of big oil companies 100% of the time. He is a brief voting history;
1) Voted NAY on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).
2) Voted NAY on HR.325 which was to ensure the complete and timely payment of the obligations of the US Government until May19,2013.
3) Voted NAY on an Amendment that Prohibits the Infinite Detention of Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents.
4) Voted YAY for tye Tax Preventio Act of 2012.
5) Voted NAY on the Middle Class Tax Cut Act.
6) Voted NAY  on the Bring Jobs Home Act.
7) Voted NAY on the Small Business Tax Relief Acti
8) Voted YAY on limiting the eligibilty for the SNAP program(food stamps).
9) Voted NAY on an additional $191 billion for anti-recession stimulus.
10) Voted NAY on shifting $11 billion from corporate loopholes to education.

           Mitch Mcconnell openly filibustered the Sequestration Replacement Act. So when John Boehner and the Republican party say that Senate Democrats didnt do anything to avoid Sequester, you now have your reason. Mitch Mcconnell filibustered his own bill, a bill he brought up for vote. It woukd have allowed the President to raise the debt ceiling. This is the first time in US History a Congressman filibustered his own bill. He does not believe in the majority vote, saying that 60 votes should be needed. Mitch Mcconnell and the Republican party voted 33 times to repeal Obamacare(ACA) costing us about $50 million. He also vowed to vote against Gun Reform citing that the president is trying to infringe upon your constitutional rights.

           This is very brief history of Mitch Mcconnells votes. I chose these ones because they illustrate the way ge leans while voting. He votes with party about 95% of the time and toes the party line on bills that he presents. His next election is 2014 and he seems to ve weakened considerably. If the Demicrats trot out a good candidate, time might be up for this career politician. He us pro-choice, pro-business, pro-wealthy, while all the while focusing his atracks on the lower classes. He needs to be removed from office. 2014 Mitch Mcconnells time in the Senate must end.

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What does a nuclear armed Iran mean to Americans?

               Really to everyday Americans it doesnt mean much. We all should realize that Middle East.has been at the middle of many of our problems over the last decade. The effect here is mostly political and possibly a future military action. Otherwise it is generall going to be felt in that region.

              You would have to live under a rock to not know about the relationship btween Iran and Israel. Iran would love to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Israel is our only true ally in the region, so we generally support their decisions. At times the relationship between Washington and Israel has been contentious. President Obama has been accused by Republicans of not being a true friend to Israel. But the general idea here is that if Iran were to attack Israel there would be major problems.

                 We of course have put sanctions on Iran, which has gotten us no results. Now Iran has a very strong backer in China, this is why we havent moved militarily on them. That in a sense would be biting off more than we wanted to chew. Plus I dont think we want to enter another war in this region. We have been stuck there in 2 wars for over 10 years. The American people dont want anymore.

             The Republicans need to protect their interests in this region, mostly oil. In protecting their interests they are willing to put more soldiers on the front line. We need to continue you to pressure Iran economically and support our good friend Israel. While at the same time restain them from going into Iran, that would throw the whole region into chaos. I hope our leaders make the right decision.

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