British soldier attacked by 2 terrorists.

                At 2 p.m. Wednesday a car drove up onto the sidewalk hitting a man.  Two men jumped out of the car and began hacking him up with knives and a meat cleaver. The victim was a British soldier. The attackers then stoid around afterwards interacting with passersby. It is not clear whether he was killed by the car or the knives.

                Thev two assailants carried on conversations with passersby. One was holding a knife speaking to a woman who hoped to dissuade him from attacking anyone else. The other was covered in blood holding two knives. He said that the attack was because of British soldiers killing Muslims. He said it was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He said that the almighty Allah we will never stop fighting until you leave us alone. So what if we want to live by the Sharia in Muslim land. Why does that mean you must follow us and call us extremist and kill us. This is a terrorist attack by their admission.

It was designed to be a public spectacle. The time it was done, broad daylight and the interactions afterward with passersby. Both men were shot when the police arrived. It was designed as a spectacle for maximum shock and political value.

This bears small similarities to the Boston Marathon Bombing. 2 nen, unrelated to any group and surprise attack. Same day a man was killed while being questioned in connection to the Tsarnaev brothers. He was being questioned in connection to a triple murder in 2011. Tamerlan Tsarnaev is officially a suspect now.

All this insanity really kilks the extreme right wing Republican theory that it was a false flag. Democrats are united in getting to the bottom of the Boston Marathon Bombing and trying to prevent any more attacks. These brazen attacks let us know that terrorism is still a problem. President Obama wants to change our antiterrorism tactics, which I think is a good idea. But we need to vigilant, although you cannot stop attacks like this.

GOP actually pays attention to Alex Jones newest conspiracy theory.

               From day one Republicans were trying to find a way to remove President Obama from office. They have manufactured crises, made issues bigger than what they truly were and Filibustered more bills than at any other time in American history. In their attempts to hurt him, they have embarrassed themselves and hurt their fellow Americans.

                From doctoring emails on the Benghazi attack, which they tried to make Obama’s albatross, to fighting against Gun Control for the NRA, Republicans have gone above and beyond in their efforts to destroy him. They tried to hang poor job numbers on him,  but have done nothing in the 2 years they have had the majority in the House. They have Filibustered more bills in his terms than at any other time in American history. They used the Sequester instead of closing corporate loopholes and corporate welfare.

             But giving credence to Alex Jones is a new l low. This man is a crackpot who is making American journalism look like a joke. His conspiracy theories are the ravings of a lunatic. He said that the Boston Marathon Bombing was a false flag, basically saying that the government was behind it. He said that President Obama was a homosexual who had his ex-lovers killed. He has a long list that gets further and further from sanity.

               His new theory is a complete joke. He believes the government has a weather weapon that it used to create the tornadoes in Oklahoma. I mean seriously, was he watching Austin Powers recently. This is Scooby Doo type stuff. There is no substance to any of his theories, just supposition and ridiculous assumptions. He makes Glenn Beck look sane and FOXNEWS felt Beck was to far gone for them.

               The fact that Republicans give Alex Jones credence shows the desperation they truly feel. They thought for sure they would win the 2012 election, they lost; but don’t seem to realize it. Republicans have lost touch with reality in their attempts to oust the Democrats. If Democrats start acting like these nutjobs, I will walk away from the party. I am a Democrat because they help the people and remain sane when the other party is in power. These are grown, educated men and women who are acting the fool. Grow up and think of country first and maybe things will get better quicker.

The Republicans will keep trying to tear down President Obama.

             They are trying to get a President Obama by going after Attorney General Eric Holder. They were questioning him about everything that happened over the last 4 years. Mr. Holder answered all he could and got a little testy at least once.

             They are trying to get to the “bottom” of the IRS scandal, the Boston Marathon bombing and any other thing they can. One Republican was going after Holder for the abortion Dr. in Pa. who would kill live babies. My answer to that, do not force women to go to clowns like that. Every Republican law that moves forward against abortion, puts women into a position where they will go anywhere for that form of care. Attorney General Holder stood his ground, but it seems as if he is being left out to dry.

             Republicans are fixated on the IRS scandal, although there were several liberal groups who went through the dame process as the Tea Party Groups. In 2004 the IRS illegally targeted the NAACP, and at other points in Bush’s tenure the IRS went after Planned Parenthood. I am not saying it is right, because it is not, but it us not unprecedented.

            Republicans are trying to stop President Obama and Democrats from going forward with his second term agenda. This party willingly lied us onto war, browbeat Democrats into giving out TARP funds without any rules and deregulated the banking industry so much it directly led to the Great Recession. But they do not have an agenda in any of their empty attacks. They already started attacking Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Presidential election. They care not for the people, only for the scratch.

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Boston Marathon bombing facts keep unfolding.

               Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon, car jacked a man and held him hostage, shot an MIT security officer and had a shoot-out and threw IEDs at police. Tamerlan was shot and killed and Dzhokhar is currently in custody. 3 other individuals have been arrested in connection with this tragedy.

             Three things happened during investigation that now make more sense. 2 people were arrested and detained on immigration violations the day after suspect was caught. The shutdown of UMASS Dartmouth. The FBI searching a landfill, we now know what they were looking for and that they found it.

           The 2 individuals were in court via video conferencing. The judge told them they were being held because of expired student visas. They were told at first hearing that they weren’t charged with a crime. By the afternoon they and 1 other were charged with a crime. Both were from Kazakhstan. The three young men went to hos dorm room and took a laptop and a bookbag. The bookbag contained the remains of fireworks, fireworks were said to have been used to help create bombs. The reason the school was shut down the same down the FBI interviewed third suspect. The FBI was at the landfill because the other 2 told them when and where they dumped the bag. The FBI has found the laptop. Tie 2 young Kazahk men were charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and can get up to 5 years in prison. The other kid was charged with lying to law enforcement and can get 8 years in prison. All three are eseentially accused of blocking the investigation into the Boston bombing by lying and hiding evidence.

            Dzhokhar has reportedly told interagators than Tamarlan built the bombs in his house. His house was paid for by Section 8 housing. It also calls into question how much his wife knows. He also told the FBI that he and his brother would watch Al Qaida leaders speeches on line. So of course conservatives and Republicans are jumping to conclusions.

         John Mccain came out speaking about people from known terrorist regions immigrating into the U.S. and how we should no longer allow it. Democrats and Republicans cannot play politics on immigration reform. They need to move forward with a reasonable plan and present it to President Obama. We cannot blame a whole group of people for the actions of a few. That is un-American.

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President Obama’s first hundred days of second term.

               President Obama’s first 100 days in office during this term has been pretty full. His attempts to get gun control passed, only to be halted by the obstructionist Republicans. He came out in support of gay marriage, VAWA, attempting to raise the minimum wage and eaqual pay for women. Every step has been met with Republican resistance.

               The Manchin/Toomey Gun Bill was a bipartisan piece of legislation that was decimated by Republicans and a handful of Democrats. Senator Harry Reid dropper the ball on filibuster reform. Tie filibuster has been a thorn in President Obamas side for 4 years and 100 days. It is near impossible to pass a bill when you need 60 votes just to talk about it.

                VAWA was a big issue that Republicans voted against, then said that they voted for it. He starts making a budget and the Republicans object to it before they know whats in it. They stick with Paul Ryans joke budget, that is filled with fake math.

           We had the Boston Marathon bombing, the first terrorist attack on the U.S. under his watch. They were picked up within 5 days and authorities just arrested 3 more people in connection to that. Although they are not arrested for taking part, bit for removing items from the Dzhokhar’s room.

           I think the biggest problem is the Sequester. President Obama told the Republicans it would have negative affects on the economy, jobs and the American people. They can’t agree with Democrats on anything but get a bill done to halt airport delays in less than 2 weeks. President Obama should find other ways to inconvenience conservatives to get more things done. The Republicans subscribe to austery all of a sudden, look at Europe to see how that works.

            It has been a tough first hundred days. But President Obama is a good man, as well as a good President. He will get these things done, or will just take time. He has tried to work with Republicans, they inherently refuse. There cannot be a one sided compromise. The next hundred days will he stronger and things will get done.


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Boston Marathon Bombers mom was on a Russian watch list.

             Well we now understand why the FBI didn’t catch Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The Russians were not looking at him, they were looking at his mother. They were only asking about him in connection to his mother. In fact they overheard him and his mother speaking of Jihad on the phone.

              The pundits were trying to figure out who radicalized the Tsarnaev boys. Well it seems we may have found out. It looks as if their mother is the culprit, although this could be me jumping to conclusions. But look at the evidence we, not the authorities have. She was on a Russian watch list, they were even listening in on her phone calls. We may have been ables to pick up on the radicalization if we had known, but they did not want us to know how they obtained the information.

                 Tamerlan went to Russia and which seemed to have finished the radicalization. He was visiting his family. The younger brother became radicalized by the older brother. The mother blamed the U.S. for not keeping her sons safe. It is a windy twisting road that is also leading authorities to look for others. Apparently there was female DNA on the bombs.

              A lot of this is my opinion, upon the facts as I have HEARD them. My opinion does not make them guilty nor does it apply to all Muslims or practioners of Islam. The reason for their radicalization is truly moot, no religion says that it is ok to kill innocent people. It is ZEALOTS who pervert religion to make it say what they want.

             It is irresponsible for Democrats, Republicans, journalist or talk show hosts to blame an entire culture. It is not the millions of other Muslims fault that members of that religion are nuts. Just like it isn’t my fault that Fox News reports half truths and out right lies. But then again maybe we should all just hate one another because a guy or a girls, with or without hair did something mean to me.

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Conspiracy theorists attack the Boston Marathon Bombing.

               Conspiracy theorist said that the Aurora movie shootings didn’t happen. Sandy Hook didn’t happen and now of course the Boston Marathon Bombing didn’t happen. They did happen but it was the Federal government that staged these tragedies. They did this in order to take away our civil liberties.

             On the first day of the Boston Marathon Bombings a reporter fronlm Infowars said that it was a false flag. He said that over the loudspeaker before the bombings someone was telling people to stay calm. The reporter also again said that this was an attack on our civil liberties. That our Federal government staged this tragedy.

           Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, has called each of these  tragedies a false flag. That is another way of saying the government set it up. Or if it did happen the government did it to enslave us all. He says the government lies out of hand. We are not supposed to know the astronauts that were killed. The guy is way off his rocker. He also said that President Obama us the global head of Al Qaida.

             A Republican State Representative from New Hampshire, posted a statement on Glenn Becks Facebook page. INFOWARS; PROOF BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING WAS STAGED. She goes on to compliment Glenn Beck saying the Boston Marathon happened just as he said it would. It was a black ops terrorist attack. When interviewer by her local paper she stuck by her words and asked if they were blind.

                  Republicans are looking to stick everything on the President. They have always had the nutbags to deal with, just like the zealots. Democrats have more of the bleeding heart liberal stigma. Either way we need to deal with our problems intelligently. We cannot blame all Muslims and Islamists for the acts of some. People in the Republican party and Fox News are saying that it is time to start profiling all Muslims.

                What I fear here is a radical move toward interment camps. We need to rise above this and not let the terrorists win by causing us to change our way of life. This was an attack by people who lived here. They were sick and crazy. Do we punish all white people when they go out and nurser 20 kids, no Republicans work to make sure crazies like that can keep getting guns. We cannot let Republicans do what they want to do hear. They will destroy the First Amendment and destroy Democracy as well.

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