Boston Marathon bombing facts keep unfolding.

               Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon, car jacked a man and held him hostage, shot an MIT security officer and had a shoot-out and threw IEDs at police. Tamerlan was shot and killed and Dzhokhar is currently in custody. 3 other individuals have been arrested in connection with this tragedy.

             Three things happened during investigation that now make more sense. 2 people were arrested and detained on immigration violations the day after suspect was caught. The shutdown of UMASS Dartmouth. The FBI searching a landfill, we now know what they were looking for and that they found it.

           The 2 individuals were in court via video conferencing. The judge told them they were being held because of expired student visas. They were told at first hearing that they weren’t charged with a crime. By the afternoon they and 1 other were charged with a crime. Both were from Kazakhstan. The three young men went to hos dorm room and took a laptop and a bookbag. The bookbag contained the remains of fireworks, fireworks were said to have been used to help create bombs. The reason the school was shut down the same down the FBI interviewed third suspect. The FBI was at the landfill because the other 2 told them when and where they dumped the bag. The FBI has found the laptop. Tie 2 young Kazahk men were charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and can get up to 5 years in prison. The other kid was charged with lying to law enforcement and can get 8 years in prison. All three are eseentially accused of blocking the investigation into the Boston bombing by lying and hiding evidence.

            Dzhokhar has reportedly told interagators than Tamarlan built the bombs in his house. His house was paid for by Section 8 housing. It also calls into question how much his wife knows. He also told the FBI that he and his brother would watch Al Qaida leaders speeches on line. So of course conservatives and Republicans are jumping to conclusions.

         John Mccain came out speaking about people from known terrorist regions immigrating into the U.S. and how we should no longer allow it. Democrats and Republicans cannot play politics on immigration reform. They need to move forward with a reasonable plan and present it to President Obama. We cannot blame a whole group of people for the actions of a few. That is un-American.

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President Obama’s first hundred days of second term.

               President Obama’s first 100 days in office during this term has been pretty full. His attempts to get gun control passed, only to be halted by the obstructionist Republicans. He came out in support of gay marriage, VAWA, attempting to raise the minimum wage and eaqual pay for women. Every step has been met with Republican resistance.

               The Manchin/Toomey Gun Bill was a bipartisan piece of legislation that was decimated by Republicans and a handful of Democrats. Senator Harry Reid dropper the ball on filibuster reform. Tie filibuster has been a thorn in President Obamas side for 4 years and 100 days. It is near impossible to pass a bill when you need 60 votes just to talk about it.

                VAWA was a big issue that Republicans voted against, then said that they voted for it. He starts making a budget and the Republicans object to it before they know whats in it. They stick with Paul Ryans joke budget, that is filled with fake math.

           We had the Boston Marathon bombing, the first terrorist attack on the U.S. under his watch. They were picked up within 5 days and authorities just arrested 3 more people in connection to that. Although they are not arrested for taking part, bit for removing items from the Dzhokhar’s room.

           I think the biggest problem is the Sequester. President Obama told the Republicans it would have negative affects on the economy, jobs and the American people. They can’t agree with Democrats on anything but get a bill done to halt airport delays in less than 2 weeks. President Obama should find other ways to inconvenience conservatives to get more things done. The Republicans subscribe to austery all of a sudden, look at Europe to see how that works.

            It has been a tough first hundred days. But President Obama is a good man, as well as a good President. He will get these things done, or will just take time. He has tried to work with Republicans, they inherently refuse. There cannot be a one sided compromise. The next hundred days will he stronger and things will get done.


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Boston Marathon Bombers mom was on a Russian watch list.

             Well we now understand why the FBI didn’t catch Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The Russians were not looking at him, they were looking at his mother. They were only asking about him in connection to his mother. In fact they overheard him and his mother speaking of Jihad on the phone.

              The pundits were trying to figure out who radicalized the Tsarnaev boys. Well it seems we may have found out. It looks as if their mother is the culprit, although this could be me jumping to conclusions. But look at the evidence we, not the authorities have. She was on a Russian watch list, they were even listening in on her phone calls. We may have been ables to pick up on the radicalization if we had known, but they did not want us to know how they obtained the information.

                 Tamerlan went to Russia and which seemed to have finished the radicalization. He was visiting his family. The younger brother became radicalized by the older brother. The mother blamed the U.S. for not keeping her sons safe. It is a windy twisting road that is also leading authorities to look for others. Apparently there was female DNA on the bombs.

              A lot of this is my opinion, upon the facts as I have HEARD them. My opinion does not make them guilty nor does it apply to all Muslims or practioners of Islam. The reason for their radicalization is truly moot, no religion says that it is ok to kill innocent people. It is ZEALOTS who pervert religion to make it say what they want.

             It is irresponsible for Democrats, Republicans, journalist or talk show hosts to blame an entire culture. It is not the millions of other Muslims fault that members of that religion are nuts. Just like it isn’t my fault that Fox News reports half truths and out right lies. But then again maybe we should all just hate one another because a guy or a girls, with or without hair did something mean to me.

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Conspiracy theorists attack the Boston Marathon Bombing.

               Conspiracy theorist said that the Aurora movie shootings didn’t happen. Sandy Hook didn’t happen and now of course the Boston Marathon Bombing didn’t happen. They did happen but it was the Federal government that staged these tragedies. They did this in order to take away our civil liberties.

             On the first day of the Boston Marathon Bombings a reporter fronlm Infowars said that it was a false flag. He said that over the loudspeaker before the bombings someone was telling people to stay calm. The reporter also again said that this was an attack on our civil liberties. That our Federal government staged this tragedy.

           Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, has called each of these  tragedies a false flag. That is another way of saying the government set it up. Or if it did happen the government did it to enslave us all. He says the government lies out of hand. We are not supposed to know the astronauts that were killed. The guy is way off his rocker. He also said that President Obama us the global head of Al Qaida.

             A Republican State Representative from New Hampshire, posted a statement on Glenn Becks Facebook page. INFOWARS; PROOF BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING WAS STAGED. She goes on to compliment Glenn Beck saying the Boston Marathon happened just as he said it would. It was a black ops terrorist attack. When interviewer by her local paper she stuck by her words and asked if they were blind.

                  Republicans are looking to stick everything on the President. They have always had the nutbags to deal with, just like the zealots. Democrats have more of the bleeding heart liberal stigma. Either way we need to deal with our problems intelligently. We cannot blame all Muslims and Islamists for the acts of some. People in the Republican party and Fox News are saying that it is time to start profiling all Muslims.

                What I fear here is a radical move toward interment camps. We need to rise above this and not let the terrorists win by causing us to change our way of life. This was an attack by people who lived here. They were sick and crazy. Do we punish all white people when they go out and nurser 20 kids, no Republicans work to make sure crazies like that can keep getting guns. We cannot let Republicans do what they want to do hear. They will destroy the First Amendment and destroy Democracy as well.

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Religious Fervor caused Boston Marathon Bombing.

                Dzhokhar Tsarnaev said he and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev were motivated by religious fervor. He said that did not have any contacts with any torture organizations overseas. He said that they learned how to make bombs online.  Through an Al Quadea magazine called Inspired.

          He also cited American wars with Afghanistan and Iraq as part of his reason. If he was not in contact with any international terrorist organizations, how did it come to this? What finally pushed it over the edge? What religion would require their followers or even make their followers think that killing innocents is right? None, it is zealots that cause the pollution of a religious belief.

              The authorities are not going to get much out if this kid. Most pundits tend to believe the older brother was the ring leader. I am sure more will come out as they interview more people and continue investigating their personal property. In truth I do not believe this could have been stopped. There were not any communications or anything else that would alert the FBI.

           Democrats and Republicans will fight over immigration reform, with both sides using this as a reason for their stance. The truth is the punishment will be the way to stop people from doing these things. I really want to commend the FBI, ATF, Secret Service and all the Police in the Boston area on a job well done. Also the people who cooperated with the authorities. We will get to the bottom of this and maybe that will help prevent more attacks.

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Senator Lindsey Graham has warped view of Constitution.

                   Senator Lindsey Graham seems to think the U.S. Constitution begins and ends with a very crimped interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. His view mandates that any person can buy any weapon he or she wishes without any kind of government regulations. We saw what happens when Government Regulations are removed during our financial collapse. Most people, aside from the NRA and their acolytes, do not interpret the 2nd Amendment this way. Of course to Graham and many of his fellow Republicans, the rest of the Constitution is not important. Guen doesn’t agree with the fact that if authorities fail to read a suspect, no matter what his crime is,  his Miranda rights, it is a violation of the 5th and 6th Amendments. Apparently these two amendments are not as important as the 2nd Amendment. I agree withthe public safety measure, but I didn’t vote down gun control because of my support of the Constitution like Senator Graham. Being an attorney Senator Graham, he should know better.

             Senator Graham, the conservative, strict constructionist argued that the 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing should very treated as an enemy combatant and denier his due process rights under the Constitution. Without these rights granted to all defendants pursuant to Miranda, anything the suspect may say to interogaters before being advised of these rights, would still be admissible in court. As a result of an exception to Miranda called the Public Safety Rule, the suspect can and will be questioned without being Mirandized. This is used to determine if there was a threat to public safety and it typically cannot last more than 48 hours.

          Were Senator Graham to have his way,  due process rights would never be afforded to the bombing suspect, although he is an American citizen. This would include his right to a civilian trial, were he designated an enemy combatant,  he would be tried by a military tribunal where the constitutional protections extended to the rest of us are virtually non existent. For Senator Graham to argue that background checks to purchase a gun violates the Second Amendment of our Constitution, only to turn around and seek to strip an American citizen of his rights, is the absolute height of hypocrisy.

             Senator Graham us obviously not very big on any part of the Constitution that protects criminals, especially not dangerous foreigners. Even if said foreigner is a naturalized U.S. citizen. Despite his willingness to toss out part of the Constitution he doesn’t like, we can rest safely, sort of. We can rest knowing that he only protects the parts of the Constitution that lobbyists pay him to protect. The NRA obviously has Senator Graham in their pocket. He protects the 2nd Amendment like it is the only amendment. Just look at how he vote against 90% of Americans to further the NRAs 2nd Amendment agenda. Strip us of our rights, but go ahead and give that terrorist a gun.

             Democrats are trying to enact gun reform to keep terrorists from getting guns. Osama Bin Laden says his terrorist cells can easily get weapons here to continue their jihad. So background checks, assault weapons bans and high capacity weapons can prevent further attacks. Yes I realize criminals will find a way to get a gun, but at least we will make it harder. I will be sure to make sure as many people know where Senator Graham stands during next election. So we will see you soon Senator Graham.

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What rights does Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have.

           All day I have heard stories about this boy. He was just a boy next door, he followed his brother around like a puppy dog. That he integrated himself successfully into American society. They need to read him his Miranda rights, he should be treated as an enemy combatant. It goes on and on and on.

              What is bothering me, personally, is what rights does he truly have? Technically he should be protected by the Constitutional rights afforded all American citizens. Not even technically, he should. Lindsey Graham is wrong saying he should be treated as a enemy combatant. He is a citizens who because he wasn’t killed in the shoot-out deserves his day in court.

             I am ok with them not reading Miranda rights just yet. Only because he was incapacitated for the majority of the tine he has been held. Once the questioning starts they should have 48 hours and then be forced to read him his rights. I think in that amount of time they can determine whether the public is safe or not.

            The subject of possible punishment is of course going to be debated until it us ground into nothing. The boy in the days after the bombing hung out with friends saying the bombing is terrible. He did not feel bad for what he did and did not seem to care. I think the prosecuter should go for the death penalty, although life in prison would be good enough.

              This should not be a Republican, conservative, Tea Party, Democrat and liberal issue. Nor in any way should it be a political issue. Let our criminal court system work this out and he will very punished accordingly. Whatever he gets I am sure he deserves and that is something we have to live with. I also realize that myself opinion might differ had I lost someone or had a family member injured. So as I said I agree with whatever he gets, as long as he isn’t out in 20 years.

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Chechnya, the wars with Russia turned it into a breeding ground for terrorists.

              Chechens are an ethnic minority living primarily in Russia’s North Caucaus region. For the last 200 years, they have generally been governed by Moscow, though they have had varying degrees of den facto autonomy. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Chechen sepetatist launched a coordinated campaign for independence, which resulted in 2 devastating wars and an ongoing insurgency in Russia’s republic of Chechnya. Militants in and around Chechnya continue to agitate for independence, though the death of seperatist leader Shamil Basayev in July 2006 weakened the seperatist movement. However, violence in the North Caucaus has escalated since 2008. Moscow has suffered its most serious terror attack in 6 years with the bombing of the Metro station in March 2010.

                   The Chechens are a largely Muslim ethnic group that has lived for centuries in the mountainous North Caucaus region. During World War II, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin accused the Chechens of cooperating with the Nazi’s and forcibly deported the entire population to Kazakhstan and Siberia. Tens of thousands of Chechens died and the survivors were allowed to return home only after Stalin’s death.

              Russia’s disastrous war with Chechnya has witnessed butchery and savagery not seen in many years. During the 1990s massive formations of Russian tanks, artillery and aircraft pounded Chechen cities and towns to charred ruins. Since then, Chechnya has endured years of guerrilla warfare and government security sweeps in which thousands of people have been killed or disappeared. The conflict has spilled into neighboring republics in southern Russia, destabilizing an already precarious region. Guerrillas have struck deep into Russia,  killing hundreds of civilians including children. Human rights and the laws of war appear meaningless to both sides.

                 In recent years Chechen terrorists have carried out a series of attacks in Russia. These attacks were aimed at destabilizing the Kremlins hold on their small mountainous republic. Some have migrated ideologically from nationalism to radical Islam, turning up militants in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria. Experts say there is a significant distinction between Chechens who back Chechen resistance to Russian rule and the much smaller group who have embraced global jihadi theology. The Chechen rebel movement has suffered an ideological split. Most Chechens do sympathize with radical Islam.

             Regardless of any reason there is no excuse to attack innocent people, that is cowardly and any religion that agrees with it is WRONG. Our last 3 Presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, have not enjoyed dealing with this issue. Russia believes that they can do whatever they want to whoevere they want. The human rights violations cannot be breached with them. Whatever happens from here on out, Chechnya is now known by all Americans. Now it is known for true or false as a region that hates America. The flames of hate are already being fanned in America. It is a shame but this is how the ignorant work. I had a man tell me 85% of Muslims are terrorists. I said so there are only 15% women and billions of terrorists. This is the chance a group takes when attacking America, the bigots are always looking for a new target.

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Terror in Boston by Reilly Holden, she is 11 years old and my daughter.

         On Monday, one terrible event happened. Two bombs went off in the Boston Marathon to honor the Sandy Hook children. After three days of research, detectives found two suspects; Tamarlane and Dzhokar Tsarnaev. All Thursday, police went on a manhunt to find them, and on that night, a gunfight, which used 200 rounds of ammo took place. In the battle, Tamarlane died.

         Then, Friday morning, another gunfight, using 70 rounds of ammo took place. Dzhokar got shot but continued to hide. After he ran away, the whole entire city was put on lockdown. Many say that ” It looked like a virtual ghost town”. This lockdown lasted all day, and after the lockdown was canceled, a man living on Franklin Street saw blood on his boat and the tarp cut, and when he looked inside, he saw a bloody man. After retreating inside, he called the cops, and surely enough, they came and looked inside, and they saw the man, not just any man, it was Dzhokar. after all the city officials came, Dzhokar was arrested and put in the hospital. Citizens of Watertown came outside and cheered the officials on.

     People that went to high school described Dzhokar as ” hardworking and helpful, and this wasn’t ordinary.” Some people said that ” He followed his brother like a puppy.” Others described Zhokar as ” a generally good kid.”

   Dzhokar is being treated at Beth Israel Hospital and will be read hid Maranda Rights on Monday. Questioning will begin as soon as he could talk again, and after being healed he will spend life in prison.

     Not all of my facts may be right, but I watched MSNBC for 2 hours (which is not very ordinary at all) and all the facts are from there.

Boston Police and FBI arrest second terror suspect.

            It seems like weeks have gone by since Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev exploded 2 bombs at the Boston Marathon Monday. The FBI asked people for pictures or videos or any information they may have. This is the most information the FBI sight has ever received.

              Last night a 7/11 was robbed, an MIT security officer was shot in the head and the bombing suspects car jacked and took a man hostage for a half hour. They released that man after getting $800 out of an ATM. They turn got into a shootout with police, exchanging about 200 rounds and throwing IEDs at the police.Tamerlan was shot by police as he ran at them and then his body wad run over by his younger brother. The police also found an IED strapped to Tamerlan.

                   Today the whole city of Boston was shut down, everyone was asked to stay in their house. The police, FBI, and SWAT were going door to door looking for Dzhokhar all day. At one point they thought they had him pinned down in a house, I do not know if he was there.

            Later in the afternoon officials told the citizens that they could leave their homes m, but to please be vigilant. A man went outside when officials said they could and saw blood on his boat. He lifted the top on the boat and saw a man covered in blood. He called the authorities, who exchanged fire with the suspect. SWAT eventually went into the boat and retrieved him. He is currently in serious condition.

               Now it comes to the prosecution. Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party will try to make sure he isn’t tried in a civillian court. Bleeding hearts will decry the death penalty for him. I strongly believe he should face the death penalty, he took part in killing 4 people and injuring about 180. Tomorrow will bring more information and make it clearer for us, but we will never understand his motivations, nor do we need to. No terrorist organization has come forward to claim credit for this.

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