Our first 2 Basketball practices.

      We started practice this week. We have 2 practices a week, for about an hour and half each time. I am the Assistant Coach and have never coached basketball before. Our first practice we made them run suicides and laps. Then ran a scrimmage in order to get a grasp of their skills. I was a bit disappointed that we did not run any drills at our second practice. We had them shoot some layups, 2 vs 2 and another scrimmage.

First I will go with the positives. They rebound well, hustle and have a grasp of the 2-3 zone, as well as the man press. They are not afraid to shoot, although they do not make many shots. We have some height, some speed and some kids who just started playing. They are aggressive and are more than willing to go to the floor for the ball.

Now the negatives. They cannot make a shot past the foul line. They do not know what I mean when I ask them to cut. They do not move without the ball or box out. Do not know what it means to post up, have only ever learned one play, the split. The left side of the floor is not used, all of them dribble directly to thev right side into the corner. Our ball handling is very shaky. One girl throws up shots from anywhere and has only hit the rim on 3 of 17 shots.

I believe in being fundamentally strong. My drills will first focus on good ball handling, then move on to moving without the ball and then learning post position. Then I want to install a 3-2 motion offense and focus on the 2-3 zone defense. Hopefully I can help improve their shooting as we go. This is our schools inaugural season and hopefully we are at least competitive.
Most of the teams we are playing have been practicing 5 days a week for over a month. Hopefully I can get the Head Coach to buy into this, because there does not seem to be a plan.

I have never watched basketball at this level before. It is very chaotic and messy. It is hard to get a grip on. Slowing it down does not seem to be an option. If anyone reads this and had any suggestions please send them my way. I would greatly appreciate it.


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