Sunday’s Soccer Game.

            With the debacle that was Saturday’s game behind us, we were starting a new day. I apologized to the kids for letting them down and they apoligized for not playing the way we taught them. We asked them to keep it simple, short accurate passes, positional defense, if anyone is on the defender, kick it out of bounds and above all play smart. I was nervous for them, but my assistants were very confident.

First quarter started with us kicking off. We started off a little shaky. Passes were a little off and the kids seemed unsettled. As the quarter went on they settled down. We were getting some very nice shots on goal. Their goalie was playing outstanding, she had at least 4 diving stops. Our defense was playing great, they even were doing the trap we worked on once. They pulled it off three times, we won the ball each time. Not once in this quarter did they get through our trap. Our girls really stepped up. Our mid play was 50 times better than the day before. They did not even get near our box. We had 5 shots on goal to their 0. First quarter ended tied 0-0.

Second quarter our offense started to come together. The passing was more accurate and the defense stayed solid. It was back and forth for the first 5 minutes before we took control. After that we dominated on offense. They had a very solid defense and their goalie was incredible. We kept the pressure on and were getting into the scoring area regularly. We hit a give and go, then a cross to the middle, our girl got a foot on it; the goalie defelected it. Our girl stayed on the attack and knocked in the defelection. GOAL!!!!!!!! We went up 1-0. The rest of the quarter was ours; we just couldn’t put the ball in the goal. We had 4 shots on goal to their 2. We were up 1-0.

Third quarter was more of the same. 2 minutes in we recieved a penalty shot for a handba in the box. Our mid took the shot, looked left then kicked right. GOAL!!!!!!!! We again were cutting them up with the short passing game. The kids were playing really smart. We were wearing them down. Our mid got the ball, started up the sideline, juked one girl and started moving toward the middle. She just kept coming down, when the girl attacked, she juked her, took a shot from the outside. GOAL!!!!!!! We were up 3-0. Our defense played great. We wanted to completely eliminate the long kick, the one girl did it and immediately apologized. We had 4 shots on goal to their 2. We were up 3-0.

The Fourth quarter they really came alive. They were moving the ball really well, but our girls were playing well. They were holding them off pretty well. Our defense and mids kept kicking the ball out, it gave us the opportunity to reset and get in position. It also slows the other teams momentum. They had a drive down the far side, got near one of our defenders, who watched the ball as the girl kicked it in. GOAL!!!!! We were up 3-1. The rest of the quarter was give and take. Neither team could gain the advantage. We closed out the game controlling the ball and the clock. They had 3 shots on goal to our 2. We won 3-1. Their goalie was incredible and they were a solid team. It was a goi d game.

We outshot them 15-7 and we were clicking. The girls really responded. We coached better and the kids really made me proud. They played the way we taught them and it was beautiful to watch. Sometimes as a coach you need to let your kids know you were wrong in order to help them fix what they are doing. Everything is a learning experience. I think we the coaches and the kids had a meeting like this they responded well. It lets them know that you value their opinion and them as players. Hopefully we can keep it up.


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