Today’s Soccer Game.

            Let me start by saying that I don’t like to lose. That being said I am more than open to using a loss as a learning experience. If my girls play the way we teach them and lose, I can accept it and work on it. It is then that I was outcoached. But if my girls throw our game plan out the window for some other plan, I will hold them responsible.  We came a long way using the short passing and possession game. Today they decided to turn it into a long kicking game.

We started off with the ball. Our lineup was a little messed up because of the school game. We started off moving the ball well, it was back and forth for about 5 minutes. They were also using the short attack, but ours was beginning to take control. We worked the ball down, hit a give and go to a cross and put it in the goal, only to be called offsides. About 9 minutes in we pushed the ball to outside the box, hit a cross, missed the shot, but put the rebound in. GOAL!!!!!!!! We made our substitutions and our mid play declined immensely. One mid was running all over the field and the other wouldn’t push up on offense. We had 2 shots on goal to their 0, we were feeling pretty confident, despite the sloppy play.

The Second Quarter started and our mid play continued to decline. They were no where near the ball, we couldn’t get a build up because of the mid play. The other team dominated the ball and were on our side most of the quarter. At one point right in front of our goal 4 of our girls were toe tapping the ball back and forth. The other team started executing the short passing game and kept getting shots around the goal. Even after substituting the weak play continued. They drove the ball down with several nice passes, beat our outside defender, who stopped defending like we taught her, crossed to the middle and put it into the back of the net. GOAL!!!!! They tied it up at 1-1. They had 1 shots on goal to our 2. Our play kept deteriorating.

Third quarter started off with them stealing the ball off of us; 2 defenders and a mid watching the girl dribble down the field and taking a shot. GOAL!!!!!! They were up 2-1. None of our adjustmentents were working and our play continued to decline. A lot of ball watching, long kicks to no where and one wasted possession after another. They again had the ball on our side of the field most of the quarter. I don’t know what happened but our play was sloppy and theirs kept getting tighter. We had 1 shot on goal to their 2. We were losing 2-1.

Quarter 4 was progressively worse, short passing game was almost non-existent. The one possession we used it we drove right down the field and the girls who scored first took a nice shot. GOAL!!!!!! Despite playing horrible we were tied at 2-2. We were competitive despite horrible play. About 6 minutes in the drove down with several nice passes and took a high shot. Our goalie seemed to get lost and never even put her hands up. GOAL!!!! We were losing 3-2. Minutes later they got a penalty shot, I don’t think our goalie even moved. GOAL!!!!! They were up 4-2. We had several nice buildups, just kept losing possession. The long kick made its appearance, despite me specifically telling them no long kicks. We had 2 shots on goal to their 2. We lost 4-2.

We gave up 4 goals on 5 shots on goal. We ditched our short passing game for U7 soccer and played ball watching instead of soccer. The only positive was the girl who scored the 2 goals and some good defense from several defenders. We play again tomorrow so hopefully we get this fixed. It is vexing to teach one thing and see another. Maybe this will reinforce what really works. I can only hope.


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