Today’s Soccer Practice

              Each practice recently we have been working on getting defense more involved in the offense. Improving their ball handling, passing and decision making. So far in practice they have responded. They have even started noticing tendencies and pointing them out to the coaches and players alike. They in some regards are exceeding expectations.

Tonight we worked offense against defense, but they were only allowed 2 dribbles and then had to pass. If they didn’t use the give and go they had to work it back out, reset an d attack again. As much as it helps our offense to work together, it also teaches them to go backwards and work for the best shot. It gives our defense a chance to work against tight accurate passes, as well as give and goes and crosses. Both groups did a bang up job. Defenders were getting to their spot and attacking the ball. For the most part they are toe poking, I want the swing and miss removed from our game. They all worked really hard to do what we were asking.

We also worked on the mids and forwards passing it back to the defenders, who then pass it across the field to start the build up on the other side. Some of the decision were shaky, but there were some outstanding plays. We are going to start implementing it this week a little bit. Work it slowly until they are more confident. We also worked on mid and defender trap. It was the first time working on it and it showed. We lined everyone else up on the field to teach them how to move together. This will be implemented slowly as well. But now we have the confidence to throw more at them.

We ended practice with a half field game. It forced them to work together with defenders to get the ball into an attacking position. We did not see the trap, but saw everything else we worked on. It was interesting to watch them working together, to see how far we brought them in such a short time. It also made our goalie work really hard. I don’t know how well we will do this weekend, we have a game Saturday and Sunday, but I will be pleased to see the things we are teaching.

I really enjoy coaching. Watching the improvement, the growing confidence and the skill growth is incredible. I like seeing their faces wgen what we are saying finally clicks. The pride in their eyes when they execute what we teach them. This is a special group of kids, I hope I get this lucky at my next stop. Soccer is a beautiful game that can build a kids confidence if taught correctly. I hope I get to continue coaching soon after this is done.


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