Yesterdays Soccer Practice.

                After the dominant performance by our girls Saturday, there was not much to criticize. But of course as a coach, you need to stregthen the strengths as well as the weaknesses. These girls show up to practice and begin practicing before we start. They are fired up and ready to go. I will be giving up coaching for a while after our Fall League. I set out to get these girls ready for the next level of play and we did it.

We started off practice with a lap, 15 jumping jacks, 15 squats and 15 mountain climbers. We then had them sprint half the field, jog the other half, they did this 5 times. We then focused on the girls forming a wall on a direct kick outside the box. We did a little more work on our corners. We still haven’t scored off a corner, came close, just haven’t put it in the goal. We then worked on our defenders approach. How to slow down when you get closer to the attacking offensive player and get position. They normally run up full speed and run right by. We saw some improvement.

We then tried to show the kids how defenders work together. The three coaches played defense, while being attacked by 5 players. We just wanted them to see how each player moves together, knows where everyone is and covers each others back. Then we scrimmaged with the coaches on one team. Again it was to show them how to work together. Offensively as well as defensively. We have noticed when we do that it gets through a little easier. We showed them how to work the triangle offense and 3 possessions later they did it. This seems to work for this age group, I don’t know if it would work for an older age group, but it does here.

The kids are really enjoying practices. Practices keep running longer because the girls don’t want it to end. I am proud to say I coach these girls. We seem to be much more unselfish than any team we are playing. There are no glory hounds on our team. This is a special group of girls, we are lucky to be coaching them.

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