Soccer Rec Rules are there for a reason, not to be broken for a guy who gives a lot of money.

                 I coach a U13 girls soccer team that is involved in the WYVSA and EPYSA. There are rules put into place for a reason. There is not a single rule that allows for kids to play down a year. The cutoff to play on the U12 team is August 1, 2001. The U12 team in our league is coached by a wealthy individual. The girl was placed on our team, U13, which she had played for from day 1. I get an email from the U12 coach informing me that he had a conversation with our team President at sign ups to put the girl on his team, although the girls mother signed her up with us. So I decided to find out why this was allowed.

The criteria to play down ate as follows, there is no room on the original U division or no U for her age. So I emailed the team president and asked how this was possible. She tried to give me birthdate facts, which makes the girl to old and that we don’t have room, which we do. So the team president placed her back on her roster. This is by no means to harm the child, if she wanted to play up, I am all for it. I want to see this girl continue to improve. The team she is playing a year down for puts her on defense and has her kick the ball up the field to the coaches daughter.

A few days ago I get a message from the team president saying the league made an exception for her to play down. I found it a bit odd abd questioned her. I waited a day or two for a response and recieved nothing. So I called the league president. He said the exceptions were only made for kids who didn’t have room on their normal U team or didn’t have a U to play on. Which we had room and where the team she played for, for at least 4 years. So our team president lied to the league president. I only said to the league president that we had room and a U for her to play on, said thank you and hung up.

Yesterday I recieve an email from the U12 coach informing me she wasn’t going to play fall soccer, which is funny because she already paid the $50 to play and that his coaching style and team play match well with her. In our spring league she scored 6 goals, 4 in one game and had 7 assists. In the fall she had 4 goals and 8 assists. Her parents told us how much she improved playing for us. All that aside, I informed him that she didn’t meet any of the criteria to play for his team. That she also has a physical style of play, knocking kuds her age around and tgat playing against younger smaller kids is inviting injuries to those kids.

The team president then responds telling me she doesn’t understand the problem. Ifa kid wants to play, they will accommodate her. That we have enough kids and don’t need her. I said I don’t understand, but would be completely supportive of her playing for an older team. She is very good and playing down will be detrimental to her growth as a soccer player. The U12 coach wrote back telling me the decision was made, deal with it. I told him he wasn’t the president of the team so I did not want to hear from him.

He responded telling me to let it go. I said I want to know if the rules bend for everyone. In case I ever run into the issue. That if she is cleared to play by the league so be it. He then said if I caused her not to play he would take it PERSONALLY. I told him not to try to intimidate me, that this is a question of playing by the rules. I have had this girls best interest in mind from the beginning. This coach is only worried about wins and losses. Sadly I have no further to go.

I believe these rules are put in place for everyone. When I am speaking to the president of my team, I don’t want a response from another coach. Obviously this soccer club has a bit of a problem. Several U’s didn’t get enough kids to have a team. U-10 girls team has gotten 7 year old girls. Why couldn’t they play down? The city I live in is ripe with corruption, why would this be any different. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I find it odd that a coach was privy to a conversation between myself and the team president. I don’t want to let this go. This has been the final straw, I am done with this league after this season. I will start looking elsewhere.


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