Todays soccer practice.

                We had our best turnout today, 14 girls. We had a really good practice again. The girls are really getting it. The passing looks good, leading each other, working together and crosses are all there. Saturday we play again, never played this team before. Hopefully these good practices turn into a good game.

We started off with a lap, jumping jacks, squats and mountain climbers. We then did some more change of direction drills. Whatever way we moved the ball was the way they had to move. Then had them run at me, plant their foot and go backwards or foot to foot sideways. We then started our 40 yard dashes. Run the 40, then 40 back. First time was a sprint, second was high knees, then butt kickers, then running on their toes and finished with another sprint. 10 all together. We did our dribble drill, with the coaches playin weak defense. Trying to get them to think of their move before they get to us. It went really well.

We then did a 3 shot drill. They pass to a girl, who passes back for a one touch shot. Then run to the coach for a header and then turn to recieve a pass, turn and shoot. It is a good drill that helps with finishing. Then we scrimmaged. The focus was passing and finishing. One team scored 6 goals to the others 0. Despite the score the losing team passed the ball better. Their mids refused to get back on defense leaving the defenders on an island. Every goal scored was on a breakaway. One girl lost possession 6 times, just kicking it up the field.

We are seeing improvements everywhere. They are playing smarter and working together. We started off slow last fall as well. I think they will hit their stride early and will show what they can do. I really look forward to seeing it.


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