Todays Soccer practice.

                We had our highest attendance at practice today, 12 , we were only missing 3 girls. We had a very productive practice. The girls worked really hard, no complaints at all. The 3 of us coached decided to run things a bit different now. We would normally break the defense and offense into separate groups to work on drills, it really helped improve the kids. Now we are going to try to make them more well rounded, all drills are done together, while one of us works with the goalie. Hopefully we see quick

We did our speed and change of direction drills, while mixing in cardio. Started off with 2 laps, jumping jacks, squats and mountain climbers. We then did the zig-zag sprint, 4 corners change of direction and the bow tie run. Zig-zag concentrates on speed and change of direction. 4 corners is a forward run, side stepping, backward run and another side step, all change of direction. Bow tie is a sprint forward, run backward, sprint forward, run backward and then a side step. They went from one right to the other and did each 3 times. There were no breaks in between. They did a great job.

We then worked on our dribble and pass drill. Dribble through the cones, make a soccer move past a coach, pass the ball across about 15 yards leading the next player into the drill. The first 2 times they to concentrate on control, not speed. The third through fifth one was to focus on both. We saw quick improvement in fundamentals. The passed were quick. We then had the kids run give and goes against one defender and a goalie. It took a few tries but we saw some improvement from our weaker ball handlers. We then went 4 offensive players against 3 defensive players and a goalie. Each time we ran kids switched from defense to offense, all kids did both things.

At the end we had a scrimmage. All players attacked and defended. There were some nice passes, really nice shots, some incredible defensive plays. They were anticipating each others moves, passing to a spot not just the person, really using their heads. It was really impressive to watch. Moving without the ball, working together, everything we have been saying. I know not every practice will be like this, but when you get them enjoy them. Girls are tough.


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