Todays Soccer Practice.

             Today we recieved our schedules. We have our first game this saturday, 9 days after we were allowed to start practice. We will have 3 practices before the game. We will be woefully unprepared, we haven’t had more than 9 kids at either practice so far. The kids who have shown up are working real hard and have already shown improvement.

Today we worked offense against defense. We really we stressing field awareness and anticipation, as well as moving together on defense. My assistant and I played defense with one of our girls to show them how to play off of each other. We showed them how if he moved I was moving as well and how we both knew where each other were the whole time. We also showed them how important body position is to defending. We then watched them defending and they showed to be quick studies. There was immediate improvement.

On offense we were trying to teach them to pass and cut. Always try to move to create more openings. To pass where they are going not just where they are. How to use the give and go, as well as the cross. They really took to it and at times looked better than at any time I have coached them. Even their shots, which are usually right at the goalie, were finding the corners. The passes were crisp and they were really anticipating their cutters. Very proud of what we have seen so far.

As impressed as I have been with these kids, I am upset with parents. These kids really want to learn and people aren’t emailing, calling or texting to let us know that their BBC kid won’t be there. We are taking our time to help your kid improve please have enough respect to let us know you arent coming. We will reward those that come with more playing time, they deserve it after the work they put in. I am excited to play a game to see what we have to improve. Saturday is our game, hopefully I have them ready.

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