The Fall Soccer Seasons first practice.

                         Today was our first practice for the Fall Season. We are now U13 girls, they play four fourteen minute quarters and only have 8 players on the field at a time. We currently have 14 girls and are possibly going to get another. You can substitute when your team has the advantage now.

We have had one issue leading up to this season. One of the girls on our team is playing down, playing on a younger team. She exceeds the age criteria, so what is being done is breaking league rules. You are only allowed to play up to play with your peers, kids in the same grade. The president of our club allowed it, but I am challenging it because it is wrong.

That being said our first practice went really well. We did a lot of conditioning and speed drills. 40 yard dash butt kickers, high knees, running on their toes and long strides. 10 yard dash followed by mountain climbers, followed by a 10 yard jog, 10 jumping jacks and another 10 yard dash. All one right after another, in an attempt to help their bodies recover quicker. No complaints and the girls really pushed themselves. We were very impressed.

We then moved on to offense against defense. We were working on their anticipation skills and moving without the ball. They were grasping it quite quickly and really seemed to enjoy it. The defense kept getting caught out of position, but as practice went on they improved. Our goalie showed good footwork and caught everything she got her hands on. The physicality was there and they showed they want to improve.

We will have a few more players there next week and our full complement the next week. If today was any indication, we should be ok. Myself and my other coaches are really excited for this season. We can’t wait to see their improvement.


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