My own haunted house.

               We moved into our house about 6 years ago. Unbeknownst to us when we moved in, the man who lived here before shot himself in the head in our front room. The realtor never told us and we didn’t find out until about a year later. An odd coincidence is that the man’s last name was Reilly, spelled exactly the same as my oldest daughter.

There was never any negative activity. It was just things that made your hair stand up. Doors would open, you would feel like you were being watched, knocking at times, sometimes the chair would rock when no one is around it (it is a lazyboy), just basic small stuff. It was enough to give you a jolt, but nothing crazy. There also is a stain on the carpet in the front room where the act was committed. We cannot remove the stain from the carpet, regardless of what we do. It appeared before we got our dog.

So I started my own paranormal investigation. I got myself a K2, infrared camera and camcorder, laser grid, 3 digital recorders and a few other things. I have gotten EVPs in my kitchen, but no other room in the house. I get very odd K2 readings in my front room but no where else in the house. Every 15 to 20 seconds I get a hit all up in the red. It is real quick, then gone. I checked in the basement below the spot, but didn’t even get a reading. I have also asked questions and recieved immediate hits on the K2.

My neighbors said the man was very nice and he really loved his cat. So I associated the odd K2 hits with the possibility his cat stayed with him. The cat had died a few weeks before he killed himself. These things that werw happening really scared my kids.They are 11 and 9 now, so it is understandable. So I communicated with the presence. I told it that it could stay as long as it doesn’t show itself or scare anyone. I told it to stop with the activity or I will make you leave.

Since then activity has almost completely ceased. Only occasionally does the closet door in our living room open. It is as if he is getting something out. We have brought religious items into our home and there was not any activity caused when provoking with them. Stupid, unsafe thing to do. But when I write steadily about evil hauntings, I get a chill up my spine knowing that we have an unseen visitor as well.


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