New Fracking Bill being introduced will eliminate hazardous chemicals loophole.

                   As any normal person knows Fracking is very contreversial. Fracking is well known for polluting natural water and land areas. There are at least 23 known carcinogens used in the Fracking process and 5% of all wells fail immediately. The failure is caused by a leak in the concrete. The Natural Gas Drilling Industry refuses to recognize any of this. They are also not required to list the chemicals used because of an exemption in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Pa) and U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Ca.) introduced a bill to end the chemical exemption. The Closing Loopholes and Ending Arbitrary and Needless Evasion Regulations Act (CLEANER) takes aim at eliminating the hazardous waste exemption. The Bill currently has 43 co-sponsors, all Democrats. The Bill faces an uphill battle because of the Republican majority in the House.

The RCRA was amended to exempt waste from the production and development of oil, natural gas and geothermal waste. This has allowed the Fracking Industry to run amuck. They have destroyed whole habitats, as well as families drinking water in everyone of the 34 states they are currently drilling in. Republicans have defended the Natural Gas Drilling Industry high and low. They have gone so far as trying to remove the Federal EPA from their state. They have knowingly lied to the press, releasing contaminated water tests to homeowners and telling the press that there was no pollution.

The industry has spent millions of dollars on lobbying. Governor Tom Corbett (R-Pa) has recieved about $1.5 million dollars from the Natural Gas Drilling Industry. When a lawmaker recieves that much money from an industry, how can they be expected to make the correct decisions for the people. I thought it was illegal to recieve money from a business that you would make legislation for. Conflict of Interest. But for now the Fracking Industry has a free pass to pollute our water and destroy our environment. It is good knowing someone is trying to hold them accountable.

The Loudun Possessions.

            The Loudun Possessions took place in Loudon, France in 1634. The Ursuline Nuns were possessed by demons. They had convulsions and where shouting obscenities. It is one of the most widely heard of mass possessions in history.

In 1632 Sister Jean Agnes and 16 of the Ursuline nuns were found to be possessed. The priest who did the exorcism told the demons to inhabit his body. Father Jean Joseph Surin was the priest. After the exorcism he lost hid mental balance. He began inflicting injuries on himself and even tried committing suicide. He described it as if there were 2 souls in his body.

Urbain Grandier was later convicted of sorcery and witchcraft. The Ursuline Nuns accused him of causing their possession. He was eventually put to death for these crimes. Until the Aix-En-Provence possessions of 1611 the testimony of the nuns would not have been enough to convict Grandier.

There were 2 stories here. Grandier was disliked by seversl colleagues, who may have conspired with the nuns to pretend to be possessed. The other was that Sister Jean Agnes had sexual dreams about Grandier, and was loud in her sleep. She did her pennance, but the other nuns were having dreams like this as well. Either way Grandierd enemies saw it as a chance to remove him.

On December 7, 1633 Father Grandier was moved to Castle Angers. His body was shaved in search of the devils mark. The search was said to be successful. His torturer claimed it was a hoax and that they didnt find the devil’s mark. The Friars promised Father Grandier he would be able to speak his last words and would be hung before being burned. They doused him with holy water so he couldn’t speak. They also didn’t garrot the noose so he was burned alive.

The possessions didn’t end with Fathet Grandier’s death. In fact public exorcisms continued. Sister Jean Agnes was convinced that she needed to make a pilgramage to be rid of the devil. She was rumored to be the one to have stopped the public exorcisms. She considered herself a saint.

Some historians do not believe that there was a possession at all. They refer to it as a Witch Hunt. Despite their claims record state that the nuns showed all the classic signs of possession, including knowledge of the arcane. The contortions were described in great detail and seem way out of the norm. It is a very interesting story, which I have just touched on. I highly recomend you look it up and read the whole story.