Satans Harvest-Ed and Lorraine Warren, the possession of a farmer

             One of the most bizzare cases of demonic possession occurred in Warren, Ma. in the mid 80’s. The case involved a farmer, was witnessed by police and was resolved by Ed and Lorraine Warren. The entire case is documented in the book Satan’s Harvest.

As a child Maurice “Frenchy” Theriault lived a hard scrabble life in the New England area. He worked long hard hours on his fathers farm and dealt with the abuses his father doled out. His father became more violent toward him as he got older. Frenchy called for help from anyone, unwittingly asking Satan to help him. At some point in his teen years, Frenchy was forced to watch or participate in horrific sexual acts in the barn, although who or what happened was never really clear.

As time went on Frenchy noticed he was much stronger than he should be and also had knowledge of things he had never learned. He was forced to quit school to work on his fathers farm. His attempt to join the Army was foiled by his father as well. After he left home he floated around the New England area for several years before settling in Warren. The spring of 1985 he and his family began to notice signs of the unusual with Frenchy. He turned his guns into the Sherriff and asked him not to return them. The family would hear voices when no one was around and things would move throughout the house and farm. Frenchy would lose chunks of the day and fires would break out all over the property. This brought them to the attention of the police.

The most disturbing activity was the other Frenchy. He would be in a room and appear to his wife in another room. She would follow him and find him in exactly the same place he had been. This happened in front of others as well. A physical and psychological exam showed nothing. This is when the Warrens were called in.

The Warrens arrived with their team of investigators. They immediately witnessed dozens of examples of an evil presence and the events intensified the longer they stayed. Team members were often followed home. There was alot of poltergeist activity, as well as physical attacks. All of the team members came under atrack. They were either involved in the activity or experienced severe mood changes. Frenchy tried to turn to God to end the exorcism but this only resulted in more attacks. While reciting the Hail Mary, Frenchy became so violent he tried to choke his wife.

The Warrens called on Bishop Robert Mckenna for an exorcism, although it was not cleared by the church. During the exorcism the demon identified itself as “I am what I am” and “You say I am proud”, also invoking the name of Kingdom. The exorcism was successful, despite Ed Warren almost losing his life. The sight is still experiencing smaller phenomenon. Frenchy was later arrested for sexual abuse of a minor and he also recieved a nice chunk of change from the damage the demon had done. The Warrens reputation remained as good as ever, despite the critics constantly challenging their credibility.

2 thoughts on “Satans Harvest-Ed and Lorraine Warren, the possession of a farmer

  1. Marine Theriault

    Well I have to say it was a hard lived life my fathet endured and to not have the love and nuturing all children should have can damage ones reputation.I too was affected deeply from all his childhood dished out and hid wad passed down to me and my brotherd and sad to day my own children. Lots of baf memories to continue living but thry are hard lessones learmed. I thank god that some of us escaped the tragedies of the theriault ancestry and I want to say to all who reaf this to please love your children listen to them and to pray for them for god to always have a watchful eye on them to protect thrm from all demonic activities.I today can say I love u dad and understand you although your gone you are in my heart and maybe the world can see without love this is how people treat you and no ones deserves to be treated ad an outcast. That is not the siblings of maurice theriault you did not love him you helped him to his the definition of love and then call yourself a brother or sister. I had to grow up in prison and found that those on the inside lacked love also, but it made me a better person and I can say today I love me maybe we all need to do time, and get out of the self focus mode and look at the bigger picture of what god intended for our lives which id the greatest command love one another. Are you still going to church or just there for the hell of it.have a blessed day. Marine. Proud of you dad and proud to be your daughter.

  2. marine

    its a sad situation and how the realm of this world is taken a toll on human lives. can we get out of this satanic bubble can we find real love is there a way to the cross without hurt and pain do you know your destiny where do you think you are going when it is all over did you obey the first commandment LOVE.What is it all about. Did anyone love Maurice if so says he was a sick man. what did you do for him. did you give up on him. wow cant imagine Jesus giving up on me. that scares me.if no one loves you rest assured JESUS does and he is waiting for you to come to him. give him a chance. what do you have to loose.thank you Lord. marine

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