Soccer practice starts next week.

             Tonight we go to choose our practice fields and times. Next week we start practice. Kids had about 2 months off, so conditioning will be an issue. I like to have 1 and half hour practices so 48 minute games are nothing for them. Of course we will run into our bumps to start the practice season.

The Spring Season focus was on one touch passing, moving without the ball and setting up team mates. It took a while for the coaching to set in, but when it did we cruised. The improvement these girls showed were incredible. The physical play was important to their success. Previous years the girls couldnt handle physical play. Last year these kids got it. Ball movement was great, 6 passes on one possession to move the ball up the field. As coaches we were excited.

Our focus in the first few practices will be cardio and improving speed. We are one of the slower teams in the league. I have found several speed drills that helped improve overall team speed near the end of the Spring Season. I made the mistake of thinking that cardio would lead to speed, I have fixed that. The skills drills have made a huge difference for our girls. We will focus quite a bit on moving without the ball.

Each practice I will try to improve our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths. We will use a 4-5-1 formation to help control the midfield. It may make us a bit weaker offensively but our stregth lies in our mids. Our 2 outside mids are fast and strong ball handlers and our center mids are incredible distributers. Not quite as fast, but our offense goes through them. Our defenders are pretty good and we have a special goalie. Once practice starts I will write about our drills and how the girls did. I am really excited to get started.


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