John Boehner claims the American people don’t want a Congress that does anything.

              Another preposterous claim from the party that has cornered the market on absurdity. Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to convince himself that his do nothing ways are acceptable to the American people. Just another insane claim from the Republican party.

               Congress has about a 30% approval rating on its best days. Yet Speaker Boehner and the Republican party are trying to convince the people or themselves. This Congress has done less than any Congress since the 1940’s. Even less than the one before this. They abuse the Filibuster in order to stall any bills President Obama tries to pass.

This is a Congress that refuses to even pass a law that forbids the sale of guns to a person on the Terrorist list. So they knowingly support the NRA in selling guns to terrorists. Democrats are furious about this, as well as the American public. So how does John Boehner come to the conclusion that the American public wants a do nothing Congress. Why is this party so deluded?

This is the same party that called President Obama a do nothing President. If the people want a do nothing Congress, why wouldn’t they want a do nothing President? Republicans arguements tend to fall in on themselves because they are based in lunacy. But keep beating the drum for Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz. They will successfully drive this country into the ground. Yes, their party will wave and cheer the whole way down.

2 thoughts on “John Boehner claims the American people don’t want a Congress that does anything.

  1. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are the two GOP leaders prompting probable eradication of the Republican Party. Their comments on Obama’s outrageous and corrupt actions have been “token” enough to deduct that they’re on Obama’s payroll. The US Constitution is being systematically destroyed, Obama’s Marxist agenda and his own Marxist ties are unchallenged by Boehner and McConnell and the nation’s economic and political demise within 24 months is obvious even to outsiders. These two GOP Party dinosaurs have aided and abetted Obama and Pelosi’s Marxist party to a shocking extent.

    1. A Marxist agenda? Where and how? The U.S. Constitution has been systematically destroyed by Republicans stomping on it. Forcing religious views on others and pushing a partial Second Amendment. Most people don’t know the entire Second Amendment, only the part that works for them. The conservative Supreme Court decision for Citizens United enabled corporations and wealthy unfettered access to our government. What kind of agenda does the Republican party have? Making us live in the 1950s again.

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