The Conjuring, Ed and Lorraine Warren and the paranormal.

               Today I went to see The Conjuring. It was the first horror movie in a long time that scared me. It scared me because it was based on the Warren’s case files. I read the book the Demonologist about the Warrens work in the paranormal field. I had to stop reading it several times because it scared me.

The movie itself was fanatastic. Very well written, not as many cheap scares as usual and it seems to have stayed close to the story itself. I am not going to give details; I don’t want to rob anyone of the incredible story it is. They portrayed Ed and Lorraine Warren as the wonderful people they were, giving part of their life for others. The story of the doll was in it, which I highly recommend looking up.

The truth is that I am an amateur ghost hunter. I have gone on several investigations and recieved some compelling evidence. So a true demonic possession scares the hell out of any paranormal investigator. Just to hear and see evidence of things you cannot see is unnerving enough. To ask a question and recieve an answer from the air can really throw a monkey wrench into your way of thinking. Then to add demonic possesion to it really can ruin your day.

The paranormal is nothing to play with. It is interesting and fun in a scary type of way, but you have to be careful. Never go alone. But the true topic of this article was The Conjuring. If you like horror and ghosts or paranornal investigation, WATCH IT. If you don’t, watch it anyway. It s a good scare and a well written movie.


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