Democrats insist on Path to Citizenship.

                House Republicans and Senate Democrats insist that they will not agree to any Immigration Bill that does not have a Path to Citizenship.  They want to ensure the 11 million immigrants living here illegally have a way to citizenship. 

Lawmakers drew their line in the sand. House and Senate Democrats insist on Citizenship. They are going to meet stiff resistance from House Republicans. Republicans do not want to “give” citizenship to illegals. Conservatives who control the House will go above and beyond to prevent this. Republicans say they Democrats insistence on the Path to Citizenship they will end up with no Bill at all.

Some Republicans are open to allowing geust workers or some other legal status, but not citizenship. They favor citizenship for people brought to country as youths, military veterans and certain other types who have lived here for years and contributed to society. Immigrants are good enough to work for Republicans but not be citizens.

House Republicans are deliberating how to deal with the Senate Immigration Bill. The Senate passed the President Obama backed bill 68-32. The Senate Bill spends $46 billion to secure the border, requires employers check worker’s legal status, expandd hundreds of thousands of visa programs to allow high skilled and low skilled workers in the country. It also establishes a 13 year Path to Citizenship for illegals, provided they pay fines and meet certain conditions. Republicans forced the $46 billion in border security or they wouldn’t pass the bill.


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