Kids in the Hall, 24 years later.

              Just found the Kids in the Hall on Netflix. I was 15 years old when they started on HBO. Each week my friends would come over and watch it with me. We would laugh hysterically, never realizing how far ahead of times they were. The constant gay skits and men dressing as women. That wasnt as acceptable then, yet everyone laughed at this show.

I am watching it with my 11 year old daughter and her friend. They don’t seem to get most of the comedy. They are looking at me like I have 2 heads because of what I am laughing at. They did laugh when the guy was crushing peoples heads and when Scott Thompson said he has a rule about dating creeps, not too. They also laughed when they said Bruce McCullough was the cause of cancer. He said he was sorry he caused all this cancer; throat and ass, I was on a roll.

Not a lot of shows carry their funny over the years. Seinfeld most certainly did, but for me Friends is only funny sometimes. Watching the Kids in the Hall reminds me of my friends when we were kids. Brings back good memories as well as some good laughs. If you enjoyed it then you most likely will enjoy it now. I am certainly glad I found it. Is that women with Y? That is the last line I just heard. Thank you Netflix for the stroll down memory lane.


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