I am an unfortunate child of divorce, my real dad was a pig who screwed around on my mom. But on the other hand I was one of the fortunate ones whose stepfather was a good man. He came into the picture knowing my mom had 2 kids, me 8 and my sister 5. My mom was also pregnant with his only child.

           My step-dad, who I call Dad, lost his father when he was about 12. His dad was never an affectionate man and was hard on his kids. His mom had to work 2 jobs and was not around cc as much as she wanted to be. She did what she had to do to take care of her family. That is what any good parent would do. She did the best she could with the tools and parenting skills her parents gave her.

My real dad is gone, for many years and not in the picture. My REAL Dad is here and my kids think he is pretty cool. He shows them his guitars and listens to them talk. He has actually come to 2 of my daughters spring soccer games, he only likes football and NASCAR. I am glad they have a relationship, I lost it with some of my grandparents.

Any step child will have issues with their step parent. You never see eye to eye with them. But he was a goid man who did the best he could. I could have done a lot worse for a stepfather and not a bit better. I could not be the man or father I am today without you Dad. I love you and have a great Fathers Day!


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