Todays soccer practice.

                 There are only 3 more practices left in for our spring league. We are working to prepare them for the fall league. That is why we play the spring league, to keep improving our girls and it is fun for them. I know I say this all the time, but these girls are great, their improvement is incredible. They have been working so hard, I asked them to show me they cared and they most certainly have.

Today we worked on the defenders moving the ball up the field as a team. Keeping it out of the middle, getting quickly back when they lose the ball and getting it out of bounds if they have to. I worked on teaching them how to anticipate passes and passing lanes. I was working with them on how to lead their teamates and to slow it down, pull it back when they had nothing. I also told them not to mess around with the ball by our goal. Our defenders are typically our weaker ball handlers, but the improvement is evident.

Offensively we were working on our shot taking. Onev girl passes to another setting up a give and go. The first girl gets the pass back and picks a corner of the goal for their shot. They follow it up, immediately heading a pass from the coach at the goal. Right after the header theyv recievr another pass, shooting with either foot, one touch. There was some problems with the header and the girls were trying to line up for the perfect shot on the coach pass. We had to stay on them to just kick it. They are convinced they have to kick it through the goalie.

The girls are thinking and attempting to use what we are teaching them. When they put it together it is beautiful. We are working for consistency and execution. We are getting closer, we are trying to teach them to look for the mismatch and exploit it. We also need to limit our mistakes because our make up speed is not very good. But all in all it is coming together, we play two tough teams in our last games. I want to see how competitive we are, I think we can win out. We will soon see.


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