Governor Perry vetoes the Buy American bill.

                  Governor Rick Perry vetoes the buy American Bilk the passed the Texas House 145-0 and the Texas Senate 23-7. Rare enough is it that a bill gets bipartisan support, rarer still with no dissenters, yet the bill still gets vetoed. The bill was meant to give preference to American made goods for purchase by the State of Texas, when they are of equal cost and quality to foreign made products.

If an American made product and a foreign made product are of equal quality and cost, when Texas is purchasing a good or service, the state would always give preference to the American made product or service. 96% of the Texas legislature voted for it, yet Governor Perry vetoed it. Why would Perry veto something with that kind of support? Republicans claim that Democrats will not work together, yet Republicans won’t even work with their own party.

This obviously has nothing to do with creating American jobs or supporting American made products. The only thing Governor Perry seems to care about is giving contracts to his corporate buddies who use cheap international labor and outsource American jobs. This follows his recent veto of a Republican backed bill, which have forced Social Welfare groups that spend more than $25, 000 a year on political expensed, also to disclose contributions that exceed $1, 000.

He has continued his stance on denying millions of Texans living in poverty healthcare. This is by avoiding provisions in the ACA. This is the type of leader Republicans and conservatives vote for, it shows the low I.Q. and single topic voters that encompass the Republican party. This is a man who slammed the 2009 stimulus bill, while privately using money from that very same stimulus to balance his budget. He is just another Republican hypocrite.

A balanced budget was Perry’s main talking point during his 2010 reelection campaign and again during his failed 2012 presidential run. During his 2010 reelection bid he refused to talk to any Texas media outlet or to debate his opponent. What kind of politician hides from a debate? That is an oppurtunity to show that your plan is better.

Under current law it is required for State Agencies to give preference to goods produced in Texas. It does not mention manufactured goods. The bill can still become law if the Texas House and Senate hold a vote to overturn Governor Perry’s veto.

This is the Republican party’s way of doing things. Instead of creating jobs and helping American as they reward companies that take jobs overseas. They have fought Democrats wholeheartedly on this issue, as they have on nearly every other issue. President Obama is trying to adjust our Government buying methods much to the chagrin of Republicans. Buy American is a good, solid Bill that helps Americans at no extra cost. Why not pass it nationwide?


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