My fusion and chronic pain continued.

             In November I had a 2 level fusion at L4-L5, L5-S1, and 2 disks replaced. I was in a backbrace for 3 months. Before the surgery I had pain in the back, hips, buttcheeks and the length of my legs. It was predominantly on the right side, but at times it moved to the left leg. I fell between 13 and 18 times a day, nerve damage caused a drop knee. I have all the same pain today and it is even worse than it was.

I have been in aqua therapy for 3 months and I still hurt horribly. I hate going to aqua therapy because it hurts so much. The therapists are good and try to help but I always leave in more pain then when I got there. It is not excersize pain it is aggravated pain, nerves, back, legs and muscle spasms. I was really hoping this surgery would help.

I recently got a leg brace to keep me from falling. It goes from foot to groin, it locks into place so my leg doesnt drop. I am having a difficult timel learning to walk with it. For 4 years I have compensated for pain and falling causing me to ambulate incorrectly. I have to push my knee back and push off of my toes to unlock it, I am getting better but I still lock it up quite a bit. But while wearing it I have not fallen, I have felt the leg giving out but the brace caught me.

Pain changes a person, it changes your moods and how you treat people. It changed how you feel about yourself, none of these changes are positive. At times I question if I can continue going on like this. It is a horrible way to live, I feel for anyone dealing with chronic pain. I hope onr day it doesnt hurt as bad.

2 thoughts on “My fusion and chronic pain continued.

  1. scubastar5

    Im so sorry your pain isnt getting any better. I agree with you about pain. It has literally made me feel like Jekyll and Hyde. It is definately hard on your relationships and just your everyday personality. I used to smile 95% of the day regardless of what was going on. Pain has taken that away from me. You can only fight through so much. I’m improving but it is definatly a very slow process.Is there any thing else you can do, like a different type of surgery or something? I’m sorry this has happened to you and I understand living with chronic pain and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Thanks for the update!

  2. Bob holden

    Unfortunately this last surgery is the last they can do. I have to learn to live with it and hope for the best. Thank you very much for your concern. I am glad to hear you are improving, slowly, but anything is better than nothing. Good luck as you continue to recover.

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