Our Constitution, a fluid document that is difficult to change.

                 The Constitution of the U.S. is a fluid document. It helped set up a Democratic government, elections, freedom of religion and speech. When it first began African-Americans were only counted as 3/5s of a person. It was essentially legalizing slavery. Yes our Constitution essentially made slavery legal. That is why we needed an amendment to make slavery illegal.

I am not a Constitutional professor or lawyer, nor do I claim to know all things about the Constitution. But after years of hearing Republicans link the Free Market and Capitalism to the Constitution, I had to see for myself. Not anywhere in the Constitution are either mentioned. I find that a bit odd, Republicans and the Tea Party claim they are the ardent protectors of the Constitution, yet they don’t know what is in it.

The Constitution states that Federal Law is the law of the land. Federal Law supersedes all state laws. Yet Republicans tout Nullification, the states ability to ignore a Federal Law. Nullification was ruled illegal by the U.S. Supreme Court, thereby ending all argument. But this is another case of Republicans picking and choosing which parts of the Constitution they want to follow. If Republicans had their way there would be 50 different countries. They want to take all power away from the Federal Government.

So again Republicans are on the wrong side of not just the argument, but the Constitution. It seems to me that Democrats are protecting our Constitutional Rights. Why would Republicans want new Voter Laws? The Voter Fraud in those cases are barely existent. President Obama is called a Marxist and a Socialist yet he is protecting our rights. The Republicabs use the projection method, they project what they are doing on to others to pass the blame. But keep on trying to blame others for the problems they created.

One thought on “Our Constitution, a fluid document that is difficult to change.

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