Todays soccer game.

                 Today we were supposed to play one of the weaker teams in our league. The coach told me he would only have 5 girls. He said he would contact me and let me know what the league manager said. He never contacted me so I assumed game was on. Thet never showed, none of them. The Referee said the field was ours, so we had a scrimmage with refs. It was the pennies against orange.

It was 7 v. 7, the pennie team was set up in a 3-3, with 4 mids, 1 dedicated forward and 1 dedicated dedender. Orange was set up in a 2-2-2, split evenly between mids,defenders, and forwards. The pennies were moving the ball really nice through the orange defense, which was slow to react. The passing was excellent and shot taking was much better. One of the pennie mids took the ball half the field and hit a beautiful shot. Pennies outshot the orange 6-2 and ended the first up 1-0.

The 2nd quarter were moved all the girls around, putting them in new positions. Defenders playing offense and vice versa. The girls put out an incredible effort. Moving the ball back and forth, some suprising passes and the girls were getting close but nothing happened. Pennies outshot the orange 3-1. At halftime it was still 1-0 pennies.

The third quarter had the girls back in position. Pennies owned the quarter, moving it up and down the field, getting some really nice shots. The same girl hit on 2 more shots putting the pennies up 3-0. The orange team fought back, hit a nice give and go and put it in the back of the goal making it 3-1. Pennies outshot the orange 5-3. It was so hot and these girls were giving their all.

4th quarter had the girls all out of position. It was fun and defenders got close to scoring a few goals. They were all working really hard and trying to improve their skills. It got pretty sloppy but by this point we were just trying to finish up the scrimmage. It ended up 3-1 pennies, but it was incredible to see these girls try to use thev skills we have taught them. I was very impressed.

As disappointing as it is not to play another team, a win is a win. I really wanted to see how they improved again. They really are doing everything we taught them. Each thing they have been shown they have used, immediately using what we tell them. We have 2 more games for them to show their improvement. I can’t wait for next week.


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