Todays soccer practice.

       We only have 3 games left in our spring season. This season has whipped by. From early season practices attempting to improve their passing and ball handling to now working on field awareness and defense bringing the ball up the field. They are following up their shots, moving without the ball and creating passing lanes. What is missing is execution and consistency.

Todays practice was more about putting the pieces together. I had the girls workingvon one touch passes to set up a one touch shot. The only twist was they had to call out where they were shooting the ball. Trying to break the habit of trying to shoot through the goalie. It was about field awareness, knowing where you, your teamate and the defense are. It was a 4 offense on 3 defense drill. The idea being where they moved towards the ball and attempt to open passing lanes.

The girls tend to watch a ball when it is in the air, then go after it when it lands. I did something unconventional, I threw the ball up in the air. They had to run under it and catch it, the first 2 times. Then there after they had to stop it with their legs or another body part, then get control and dribble it back. It worked a little better than I thought.I took the defense and set up a box with a much smaller box inside. The person in the box had to pass to the girls outside the bigger box. If the ball was intercepted the girl intercepting switched with the girls passing. Whenever a girl outside t hth e large box recieved the balk they had to pass to the girl in the smaller box. It was meant to help the defenders anticipation and their passing skills.

The defense against offense went really well, saw several give and goes on one possession. Had a couple of nice crosses and some incredible passing. The defense fought hard and stayed active. It was an all around good practice and the skills are there. Just a matter of execution in the game. I love the effort they are giving, there is no quit in them. I am going to lose some of them after this season and most likely all by next year. It has been my pleasure coaching these girls and I hope I get another chance to coach another sport in the future.


2 thoughts on “Todays soccer practice.

  1. Coaches are very special people, and it never ceases to amaze me how you all dedicate your time and energy so freely for kids you grow to love like your own. Coaches have played a huge part in my boys’ lives, and I know they will always hold a special place in the boys’ heart. You guys are my heroes!

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