The pitiful state of bigotry in the U.S.

                Recently when speaking to someone about President Obama I asked why the person didn’t like him. They told me that they didn’t know much about his policies, they just don’t like him. Everything they said about him came from conspiracy theory sights. They don’t like him for several reasons, the first being his color. This person doesn’t believe in Immigration Reform, kick them out is their answer and his support for Same Sex Marraige.

This is a very common theme amongst conservatives. They complained about the Unemployment Rate, he lowered it and it wasn’t good enough. They complained about jobs, the job numbers have risen 19 out of the last 20 months. They complain about his scandals, Benghazi, the IRS, the AP and a Marine holding an umbrella for him. These are for the most part manufactured scandals or completely blown out of proportion. George W. Bush started 2 wars that were unpaid for, crashed the economy, deregulated the banking industry and created the largest income gap in nearly 100 years. But Republicans say that is the past, but what we do affects our children. Didnt Bush’s actions affect the next group?

The Republican party at times have been outright racist. Calling Mexicans wetbacks and Homosexuals perverted and sick in their head. To hear an elected official speak like this is despicable. People not in elected office reserve the right to speak that way but an elected official does not. Being in that position you are held to a higher standard. To put the country on the backburner in order to facilitate some grudge is ridiculous.

Democrats either are not bigots or are better at hiding it. I have not heard of a Democrat getting ripped for bigoted remarks. What many People don’t realize is compromise is very important to a Democratic government. Our government is not broke, it is being held hostage by rich white men and women who are throwing a temper tantrum.


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