Today’s soccer game.

           Coming into today’s game I was worried about a letdown. Our girls have been playing really well and putting everything they were shown together. Our practices have focused on cardio and strengthening our weaknesses. At this point last spring league we were 0-5 and not competitive. Execution and consistency are what we are lacking.

               The first quarter started with the other team exposing our lack of speed. They had some really nice breakaway that should have led to a couple of goals, but our defense was playing lights out. Our offense was struggling moving the ball up the field. We had some opportunities but did not take advantage. If not for our defense we would have been in trouble. We were playing aggressive and attacking the ball. Our goalkeeper made a few nice saves and was moving really well. They had 5 shots on goal of our 2. It was 0-0 at the end of the first.

                 The second quarter should have been a blowout. We owned the middle of the field and were really passing. Our shots on goal were quality, but we couldn’t get the ball past their goalkeeper. Our defense wasn’t giving them room to breathe, incredible defense. We were executing our passes, just not our shots. We had a wide open shot sail o bfn er the goal.  We had 6 shots on goal to their 2. Halftime wad a frustrating tie, 0-0.

            The third quarter started off with the other team moving thr ball right down our middle. The defense was not attackin, they were staying back being dictated to by the offense. Under a minute into the quarter they put a shot from just inside the penalty box over  the goalkeepers head. We were down 1-0. Our girls kept their heads up abd kept working hard. It was a good back and forth quarter. About halfway in we hit a nice give and go that bounced off the goalkeepers leg back to one of our girls. She moved around a bit abd chipped one over the goalkeepers head, tied up 1-1. Of coursr in a back and forth quarter, the ball is moving back and forth up the field.  They got a break on a swing and miss. We had 3 girld around the shooter, but instead of kicking it out they let in roll. A little touch kick put it right past our goalkeeper. That put them up 2-1. We had one more possession, moved it doe n tge field and missed our kick. We were tied with 7 shots on goal. But they were up 2-1.

              Our girls hace handled adversity well, coming back in all but one game. We literally dominated them, they had one shot on goal. They kicked it out of the goalkeepere hand and it was nullified. We were moving the ball up the gield with desperation,  ourvgirls really wanted it. They gave it their all. Today was not our day. We outshot them 4-1 in the quarter, but we list 2-1.

           It was a very good game and our defense was incredible aside from obe horrible mistake. Our offebse was good, we just need to work on their shooting. I am incredibly proud of these girls and cannot wait for practice Tuesday. Some were crying after the game, I told them that you win some and you lose some. It doesn’t take away from their incredible effort. We will fix our issue and keep improving.  We are now 2-1-2, much better than 0-8-1. Wins are only a barometer of improvement,  but seeing is believing.  I BELIEVE.


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