Oklahoma Senator holds constituents hostage over tornado aid.

                      Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe said that federal aid to tornado ravaged parts of his home state will be different than a Hurricane Sandy Aid Bill he voted against last year. He said everyone was getting in and exploiting the tragedy that was Hurricane Sandy. President Obama said he has already signed a federal disaster declaration for parts of Oklahoma, where tornadoes have caused dozens of fatalities and caused billions of dollars in damage.

             Inhofe said that the Sandy Relief Bill was supposed to be in New Jersey but the Virgin Islands were receiving money, to fix roads and putting roofs on houses in Washington D.C. Both Inhofe and Coburn voted to slash aid to Sandy victims, with Inhofe saying he considered the full proposed aid amount to be a slush fund.

            While Northeastern states like New Jersey and New York suffered some of the worst damage from Hurricane Sandy. The storm affected 24 other states as well, as it carved a path of destruction from the Caribbean Sea to the Great Lakes. Hurricane Sandy is believed to have cost $50 billion, making it the second most expensive storm in U.S. history.

              Senator Tom Coburn is effectively holding his constituents hostage looking for budget cuts in order to approve Tornado Aid. He will not support Tornado Aid, disaster relief unless he gets budget cuts. This disaster is of course turning political just like any other issue Republicans touch. Americablog said Tom Coburn is taking his constituents hostage as budget cutting human shields. With complete contempt for the children who were killed and the people who were left homeless.

           Maybe its time for Senator Coburn and Republicans to be voted out of office. He and his cohorts are not taking care of their constituents. A good place to begin cutting the budget would be the Oil industry. Why won’t they propose cuts to the subsidies given to this industry to make room for the aid bill? Big oil is making a lot of money, these people lost everything. Senators where are your priorities? But these 2 goons tried to Filibuster medical funds to 9/11 first responders. Say what you will about Democrats, but when people need help they don’t hold anyone hostage. They don’t use disastee to further their agenda.

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