People are unable to take responsibility for what they do.

                When I was growing up, things were a lot different. When you did something wrong I was held responsible for it. I did something wrong, purposely or by mistake,  I was made to apologize, as are my kids now. People ask what is wrong with our kids today? Let me give you some of what I think.

              As a parent we are supposed to hold our children responsible for their actions. This is how they learn from mistakes. If there are no repercussions for actions children will continue doing them. If your child takes something that is not theirs they should apologize. Even if it is a mistake, especially when they were around them for an extended period of time after the fact. A parent should not mske excuses for the child. Honestly, how hard is it to say I am sorry?

                  When a parent does this they set their kids up for a tough existence. The kid is going to think they can do as they will and their parent will bail them out. This is a recipe for a future prison sentence. If they believe it is ok to take what isn’t theirs, they are never going to adapt to everyday life. When a parent screams and comes to the defense of a child who is getting in trouble for something, it sets a horrible example for the child.

                     I personally have dealt with a parent like this and it is frustrating. The parent has gobe as far as to say I had a vendetta against their child. She took something that wasn’t hers and I am giving the child a chance to apologize either to the team or to the girl in private. The mother said she did it by accident and she shouldnt have to apologize. If I had a vendetta against this child, why would the parent let her child play for me.

                  People that parent like this make it harder on all thosr arpund them. Kids are walking on eggshells around this child. I don’t believe any other child should suffer for this parents horrible behavior. But it will always b e someone else’s fault and they will take the fall for thus parent. I will not, I will do what I believe is right.


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