Coaching and its other aspects

         Before I started coaching I never realized how much more was involved aside from X’s and O’s. I tend to overthink situations that involve problems outside of soccer. I don’t deal well with confrontation and have a very low tolerance for nonsense. In order to improve as a coach I need to strengthen these areas.

               Whe it comes to coming up with a practice plan and implementing it, I do well. Identifying our weaknesses and trying to improve them, I excel at. Getting the best out of these girls, trying as it may be at times,  is something I truly enjoy. These girls play hard for me, because they see that what we are doing works. It is easy to get someone to work when they quickly reap the rewards.

                  In game strategy is something I am improving. Before I started coaching soccer i had never played it or had any clue how it was really played. Last fall was quite a learning experience, my in game strategy sucked. I stuck with the same formation and just moved kids around. Now I am beginning to understand when to look for the counter attack and when to go all out. When to go into a defensive shell and when to push the defenders on offense. I am really enjoying the strategy.

                 I guess that when you coach U12 girls soccer there is going to be problems. I need to learn to deal with them better. I am a good coach, I only know that because of how quickly these girls are improving. But I am a better coach because of thr group I of girls that I have. When drama happens I want to walk away, but everything else makes me want to stay. So in conclusion, if you decide to coach be ready for craziness, but also know that it is very fulfilling.


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