My soccer team has a small problem.

              I am a proud coach of a quickly improving U12 girls soccer team. Wins are a barometer of your overall improvement, but not the be all end all. The improvement is in work ethic, attitude and fighting through adversity. These are positive traits that we are trying to instill and very proud to see them partially coming to fruition.

             Here is my problem, although it may seem small in scope, it is big in overall character development for these girls. We had a hard practice and girls we dying in the heat. One girl drank her entire Gatorade and then stool thirsty took someone else’s water. When told about it I told the girl whose water it was to get it, she took it as get a new water out of the truck. I also told her to tell the girl she took her water, she did neither. I was trying to get the girl to stick up for herself, but in hindsight it was wrong.

             My issue here is that the girl stole something knowingly from someone else. Seems very small, but when you are trying to mold them into better human beings, this doesn’t fit in with what we are doing. I am trying to find the proper way to deal with this, if she will steal that what else will she steal. All thiefs start off small.

             I have spent much of today trying to figure put the right thing to do. I have come to a conclusion. I am going to email the parents to inform them of what happened. When we open practice I am going to sit the girls down and give said thief 3 choices.
1) Get up in front of the team and coaches and apologize, no need to name the victim.
2)Get up in front of the team, with no coaches, and apologize.
3) I will contact the head of our soccer club to see what my options are. Whatever options there are it will he a harsh punishment.

              If you read this and have any ideas, please let me know. I really want to do the right thing, and letting someone take from someone else is not the right thing. Once again, if you have any better idea please let me know. Youth soccer coaching is not just about soccer, it is about helping mold these children into good people. That is what is important to me.

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