How does the IRS scandal affect future elections?

               The IRS was accused of inapropriately flagging conservative groups seeking 501(c)4 tax exempt status. While none of these Conservative groups were denied their tax exempt status, at least one Liberal group was denied. Many of these groups seeking tax exempt status have flouted tax code laws and are spending money for politics.

             The 501(c)4 tax exempt status is for groups that promote social welfare, not for groups involved in elections. Many Republican, conservative and Tea Party groups participated in adding $300 million in dark money to the 2012 election. These groups should be investigated and tax exempt status removed. Also a heavy financial penalty should be levied.

               But the true question is, does this remove the teeth from the IRS? Are they now going to be willing to investigate and put these groups who are illegally receiving tax exempt status through the thorough questionnaire. Or does this scandal make them afraid to do their jobs. If it does, how does that affect our next election? Will these deep pocketed donors and corporations have free reign to try to buy and election?

             The Citizens United decision lead to this corporate government we now have. Instead of Republicans compromising and working with Democrats, they just Filibuster everything to avoid voting. This is governing by avoidance and it is harmful to our country. Corporations should not be able to secretly donate to any campaign, that is a conflict of interest for that elected official. But money seems to rule our world.

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