Republicans hate for President Obama makes them look petty.

                The Republican party, the Tea Party and conservatives have been trying to find a reason to impeach President Obama since 7 weeks into his first term. When they first brought up impeachment they didn’t even have a reason, they just thought it was a good idea. If you disagree with Republicans they will try to oust you, rather than help the country and beat you in an election.

              Republican ideology is fundamentally flawed, or favors the wealthy, the white, corporations, lobbyists and the almighty dollar. People fail to matter to then, they are so focused on hurting Obama and Democrats that people are hurt by them everyday. The Republican party cannot handle a Democrat in office. Their only response is to inflame hate and work to remove them from office. It is another flaw in their ideology, if you are not with them, you are against him.

                 Now anything that might not fit into Republican thinking, needs Congressional hearings to ferret out the problem. For them the problem is always President Obama and the Democrat party. Obama made the IRS check our Tea Party groups looking for tax exempt status, I guess the IRS should not investigate organizations seeking that status. Benghazi is President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s.fault, although Republicans refuse requests for more security personnel.

              From day 1 Republicans and their talking heads have tried to hurt the President. They made making him a one term president their top priority. That doesn’t really leave room for negotiations or compromise. Nor does it show a clear thinking party.

             They have taken the side of the NRA on Gun Control, Banks on Banking Reform, Corporations on raising the minimum wage and so on and so forth. Anything to hurt the President. Now they are saying he was in the wrong because a Marine held an umbrella over his head when it was raining.

            2 important points, the Marine Corps is the Presidents standing army, he can use them however necessary. It is a honor for a Marine to do anything for the President, that is who we are there to serve. The President outranks the Commandant of the Marine Corps. There are pictures of three previous Republican Presidents having umbrellas held over their heads, one was by a Marine.

            This is proof of the pettyness and the lack of anything to truly attack him on. They have been trying for over 4 years to get to him. Nothing has, because manufacturing a crisis doesn’t work. Republicans need to work for the people and rely on effort to return them to office.

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