Todays soccer practice.

              We had to practice today because a lot of our girls have a spring concert tomorrow. We were going to try to work on the girls knowing when to pass, on improving their footwork when taking a shot and our overall team defense. I am proud to say that most if what we were practicing has gotten through. We will be missing some practice this week and I am a little nervous it may throw us off track.

                     Believe it or not it was snowing when we got to practice. So a lot of the parents didn’t think we should have practice. So only 9 out of 16 showed up and we had 2 younger girls as well. We decided to put coaches, younger kids and one of our girls on our team. During the scrimmage we were working on the things we needed to improve.

            It was a good way to show then how to create passing lanes, work the give and go, crossing,  getting your body in front of the ball and positioning for goalies and defense. The girls really impressed us with their passing and smart shot taking. It was interesting to see how the girls were watching us and using what they were seeing. I was utterly impressed.

               The girls scored on 2 crosses, one give and go, 2 that were put over my head and 2 shot to the outside of me, absolutely beautiful shots. Our defense was getting position, then toe poking the ball and forcing everything outside it wad nice to see. We are trying to gain some consistency and execution and these kids will be really good.

              This weekend we are playing a team who beat us last spring, 5-2 was the score. But every team beat us last spring. These kids are working hard and enjoying the work, they are seeing the results and are really happy. I can’t wait for this weekend to get back out there and see what these kids can change. To see what tactical changes we can make mid match. I really do love coaching.

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