Global warming, can President Obama help curb it.

                  Beaches across the world ate slowly being eroded away by the ocean. In one area people are going to leave their houses because the ocean us eroding the beach. In New York it is starting to overtake a highway, a moderate storm and the water is in the road.

                 The earth is warming. It us warming because of us, burning fossil fuels in our cars and businesses. It puts more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that traps more heat from the sun. The earth has not been this warm in 4,000 years. We have more than 2 times the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any time during humanity existing. At that time the sea levels were 100 feet higher.

             Mostly by circumstance, partly by policy carbon dioxide emissions have dropped during President Obamas tenure. The Obama administration has had the power to regulate carbon. The Supreme Court the ordered the administration to deal with carbon. President Obama got corporations to agree with cap and trade deals, but Republicans put a stop to that.

           Republicans call Climate Change a fake science and refuse to acknowledge the problem. By doing this they are enabling and encouraging wealthy corporations to ignore clean air laws. Democrats have been fighting for Climate Change laws, but of course anything President Obama does Republicans are against.

             If we do not deal with Climate Change we are going to have serious problems. This is not a political game, its not about money or power, it is about the survival of humanity. It is time for us to deal with this, I find myself saying this way to much. Republicans need to realize they lost the election, there is a midterm next year and one in 2016. Get to work and get something done.

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