It is a different time, comparing what was done 20 years ago is like comparing apples and oranges.

                 I graduated from high school 20 years ago thus June 18. I went right from high school to the United States Marine Corps. Back then a bottle of soda was 65 cents, now it is a $1.58. A bottle of Snapple Peach Tea was a bucks, now it is almost 2 bucks. A pack of Marlboro was a $1.65, now it is $5.90. Priced aren’t the only thing that changed.

                There were no cell phones back then, let me rephrase that, there were but not many people had them. People still used phones with cords on them, I haven’t seen one of them in years. There were no laptop computers and the Internet was just starting to crawl. I was using electric typewriters my senior year.

              Politics I think were simpler then too. People didn’t know what you said mere minutes after you said it and you couldn’t really go online and look up a Congressman’s voting record. There were less domestic issues, gay marriage, raising the minimum wage seemed easier and the polarization in politics seemed quite a bit less.

             Over the years the Republican and Democrat parties have evolved. One headed toward sanity and the other headed towards extremism. Republicans embrace the crazy when a Democrat is President, where Democrats fight the fight but work for compromise when a Republican is in office. They are all there fir the same reason, right?

           That is what changed dramatically in my opinion. Republicans have swung toward the money side, it seems the only important thing until it is time for reelection. Where Democrats seemed to lack the wherewithal to fight for the people. They would rather not lose and get less, than take a chance and get more. If President Obama received any support from Republicans our economy would be completely recovered, unemployment would be good and we could get health care for everyone. But Republicans side with money and the people suffer and in some cases die. Yet the Republicans walk away as if they did nothing to harm our great nation.

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