Is there a fracture in Republican solidarity over the recent Heritage Foundation immigration report?

                Senator Marco Rubio disputes the recently released study from the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation. It warned that comprehensive immigration reform would cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion. Senator Rubio is a member of the bipartisan group of 8 that is ushering an immigration bilk through the Senate. Rubio said that it was not a legitimate study, because it is based over 50 years and overestimates the number of people who willhe included in the system. This represents a growing fracture in the conservative movement that we have only recently seen.

                 There is a bit of futility in the Republican party trying to do a minority outreach when your party’s platform is openly hostile to non-white voters. This of course is highlighted by the Heritage Foundation study that said Latino immigrants should be admitted to the U.S. only sparingly, because their supposedly low brain power will cost the country trillions of dollars. The Heritage Foundation was established as the intellectual clearing house for American conservatives. This group has sponsored studies and polls that have formed the intellectual foundation of conservative policy for a generation.

            Recently the organization was taken over by former South Carolina Senator Jim Demint, under whose stewardship the group authored the spurious immigration study. The goal of this study history undermine the immigration reform currently underway in Congress. Heritage fellow Jason Richeine, who co-authored the report, said that Latino immigrants would cost the U.S. that money in lost production and social programs because Latino immigrants are a burden on society.

            Richwine wrote 2 articles for a website run by Richard Spencer, The website if you look it is a white supremacy site, spouting many of the hateful things that were heard before and during the Civil Rights movement. The 2 stories dealt with crime rates among Hispanics in the U.S. describes itself as dedicated to heretical perspectives on society and culture popular, high and otherwise particularly those informed by radical,  traditionalist and nationalist outlooks. Richeines articles were a push back on an American conservative essay that argued that some conservatives have over hyped the crime rate among Hispanics

             This report caused a little rift in the Republican party. Some conservatives want to stop immigration reform, not wanting to enable Latinos to vote. Yet others want to sway Latinos to their side. Regardless of their problems, Democrats have been a steady hand in trying to push immigration reform through the gridlock we call government. They may not agree on exactly how to do it, but the party seems united in its will to do it.

               Sometimes when I write these blogs I find myself writing horrible things. These are not things that I have said, but all the same they leave a terrible taste in my mouth. I would like to be naive and believe that our elected leaders would never sink to these depths, but I would be very disappointed. Although these people are human, they should realize that what they day has very long reaching consequences. That many a person take a snide remark and it will become part of their political ideology. To shape a better union we need to expect better of our leaders. They need to leave bigotry, racism and all other petty things on the steps before our hallowed halls. I have never been a fan of Republicans, but they can being good things to the table, only if they focus on whats necessary and forget the lobbyist.

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