The National Policy Institute, for white nationalists.

              The National Policy Institute is a think tank dedicated to white Nationalism. Their slogan us for our people, our culture and our future. They are very specific when they say “our”. It seems as if it is a new shine on White Supremacy. Of course it would be in Montana.

             They ask Who stands for us? Why isn’t there an organization that works for us? From African Americans to illegal immigrants to left handers and lesbians and gays. Every ethnic and interest group has its own foundation. The only exception is the white Americans. Our country’s historic majority and founding population. The people that bears the unique heritage of Christianity, Europe, cultural excellence and scientific awakening. There are also our peculiar folk ways, holidays, traditions and customs that make us uniquely European and uniquely American. Only we are who we are. Richard Spencer, the Director of the National policy Institute.

          He goes on to say that as long as whites continue to avoid and denture their own racial identity. At a time when almost every other racial and ethnic category is rediscovering and asserting their own. Whites will have no chance to resist their dispossession. This is their challenge,  this is their calling, won’t you join them.

          They are just trying to update the racist image. They do not want interbreeding, protect the sanctity of whiteness from inferior races. They are not only an online group, they also hold conferences. They share a P.O Box with an online racist forum, called the Alternative Right. It is dedicated to hrectical perspectives. Particularly those informed by radical, traditionalist and nationalist outlooks.

           This is directly linked to the biggest legislation in the country now. Our immigration reform. This is supported by Republicans. Immigration reform started its way through government today. Republicans introduced 126 Amendments to the bill today. The Heritage Foundation, one of the countries most powerful thinktanks, came out against immigration reform. Thus Heritage Foundation report was partially written by Jason Richwine, wrote a dissertation saying that Latinos had lower IQs. He also wrote an article for the racist website Alternative Right.

             This is not something Democrats would do. They are truly trying to reform our immigration. Republicans apparently side with racists and bigots and it shows in there ideology and the way they speak. They must believe this stuff if they keep saying it. Good luck trying to get any minority to vote for you clowns. I don’t agree with any of this and it bothered me to write it. But I needed to do it. People need to know about the racists that Republicans support.

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