Senator Tom Coburn and his do it yourself background checks.

           If Senator Tom Coburn has his way, getting a background check could be as easy as printing an inyernet coupon. Coburn’s do it yourself background checks plan – would expand the number of gun sales covered by background checks but also make them more user friendly. Recently 41 Republicans and 5 Democrats voted to block the Manchin/Toomey background check bill from even receiving a vote. FILIBUSTERED AGAIN! It was endorsed by many gun control groups but opposed by the NRA. Of course in the U.S. lobbyest rule all.

                  Gun Control supporters question Coburn’s plan. Coburn himself is not sure whether he has enough votes to pass it. Coburn has one co-sponsor, Senator John Mccain, but the NRA has stayed silent on the proposal. What Coburn us proposing I believe defies reason. If we learn from mistakes, the Great Recession, we know that we cannot trust any for profit company to police themselves. We tried it once, why do it with weapons built to kill. One of the reasons the NRA and NRA supported Senators were against Universal Background Checks was because criminals would find a different way to get guns. In their opinion there is no sense in creating a law because criminals will break them. I guess the NRA are supporters of Anarchy. Despite the fail safes in this idea, I believe this is easier to get by.

            Here is how it would work. A gun buyer would log onto a Free Federal web portal and enter some personal information. If the buyer passes the background check, he or she would get a multi digit code, good for 30 days, to print out and take to the seller. That seller would use the same portal to confirm the authenticity of the background check. He believes the system would bypass the cost and recordkeeping requirements requiredby the current proposal. That system requires the involvement of a federally licensed arms dealer for sales at gun shows and over the internet. Coburn believes that forcing people to go to a licensed dealer would force gun sales into the shadows, where many already are.

                 Gun Control advocates say Coburn’s plan relies too much on voluntary compliance by private sellers. Like I said before, history shows that is a naive idea. There would also be no lasting record of a gun sale. Important, because if there is a crime committed using a gun, police can go to the gun manufacter and ask who.bought the gun. The manufacturer can point to the federally licensed gun dealer who would have a paper record of the sale. It is worrysome to put faith in a for profit seller, whose true motivation is to make profit. We need something stronger to protect the public.

             Republicans and Democrats need to come together on serious on Gun Reform. It is time for our elected leaders to work for the people not the lobbyist. It us a slap in every citizens face that the NRA somehow overcame 90% of the people to get their agenda across. We need to put these money hungry ,lying pigs in their place. Vote out those who voted against Gun Control in 2014. Lets show them the true power of the people.

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