Obamacare would be a better bill if Republicans helped instead of stood in the way.

               Obamacare or the ACA is a piece of legislation designed to insure all Americans and fight rising health care costs. The last three years marked the first time in our history that Medicare costs have decreased. The Republicans who stood in the way of the bill from day 1, have voted to repeal it 38 times, costing us over $50 million.

               Republicans sit on the sidelines and cheer any part of theist that fails. Just as they do with low job numbers, unemployment rates rise or any negative thing that might reflect on President Obama. They spread mass misinformation about the ACA and any other issue they do not agree with. If Obamacare was such a trainwreck and you truly care about the American people, fix it instead of trying, unsuccessfully, to repeal it.

              If the Republicans would have worked with Democrats to improve the bill it would have been better. The input from both sides could have made something better, but instead they picked up their ball and bat and stomped away. They didn’t get their way and are trying to hurt the President any way they can. It is sad to see grown men and women act this way. This is not leadership.

            Part of the misinformation comes from the Health Insurance industry. They will not able to rake people over the coals. A single payer system would very better but Republicans defend corporations instead of people. The ACA is a good piece of legislation that will help limit the bankruptcies caused because of people getting sick and insurance not paying. People with preexisting conditions can get insurance.  Maybe if Republicans acted like adults they could win an election.

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