Citizens United sends email calling for impeachment of President Obama.

            On the day that the stock market went over 15,000 for the first time ever and then was followed by a second consecutive day over that benchmark, Citizens United sent an email to their subscribers. The email called for the impeachment of President Obama. It said he was intentionally wrecking the stock market.

              Fearing the worst the nation’s super-rich are unloading their stocks at an alarming rate. Obama just allowed 13 new tax increases to further slow the economy, and wreck the stock market. Conservatives can’t see the forest for the trees. This on the day we set a record high on the stock market.

          Apparently there is a right wing conspiracy theory that President Obama is try to wreck the stock market and capitalism while he us at it. The Obama conspiracies abound. The Birthers,  no birth certificate, no fact or newspaper announcement can change the fact that he faked his birth. Another one claims he is gay, gay married and killed his old boyfriends. This is what the conservatives focus on to show he is not just a bad President, but a bad person. But although the Stock Market hit an all time high, his communist, Marxist and fascist President is destroying the stock market.

             How do people believe this malarkey. Democrats are protecting the U.S. citizens from the extreme right wing constantly, they have a hard time focusing in anything else. It is ugly and petty but Republicans do not have factual evidence of anything. They are small minded and petty, weak willed and sore losers. We cannot lets these children control our government. Please in 2014 vote this wack jobs out.

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